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Selling 15x more homes than the average Agent
Selling 15x more homes than the average Agent
#1 Selling Brokerage in St. George Market
#1 Selling Brokerage in St. George Market
Selling Homes 33% FASTER than average Agent
Selling Homes 33% FASTER than average Agent
Netting Sellers $6,000 more on average
Netting Sellers $6,000 more on average

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Nice Guy

If you’re not the kind of person who cares about hiring a “nice guy” to sell your St. George real estate, you’ll want to use that “back” button ASAP. If you are, well read on!

“Jeremy is such a nice boy. Yes, he was a picky eater as a child, but a good boy.
We’re so proud of him.”

“In a world of certain uncertainly, there are two statements you can be certain about….

1. “Knowledge is Power”

2. “All Real Estate is Local”

I’m certain about it.”
-Some Wise Guy

And if those two statements are, indeed, true, then “Local Knowledge” is BIG POWER for Buyers and Sellers in the St. George Real Estate market.

Baby Jeremy and family CRUSHING 1976 attire!

For Jeremy Larkin, there’s more to life than just selling St. George real estate. He’s proud to be a true Washington County local, graduating from Dixie High, Dixie State College, and Southern Utah University (SUU) and resides in the heart of historic Downtown St. George.

He is such a local that he often jokes about living in four different homes along a three-block strip of 600 East in downtown St. George and walking to Elementary, Middle School, High School, and often College!

Not only did Jeremy grow up in Utah’s Dixie, but his parents did as well. In that time, the Larkins have seen the town grow from a tiny little oasis in the desert with 1 stoplight, to bustling but quaint paradise we enjoy today.

“You may think I’m young” Jeremy says, “but I remember when 700 S. just ran East past where Harmon’s Grocery store is and just turned off into the desert. There was no IHC, SkyWest, Target or any other “Big Box” store on that side of town – just sagebrush and our scattered underground and tree forts!”

Through the years, Jeremy has been involved in serving The Exchange Club, The Southern Utah Performing Arts Festival (SUPAF), The Boy Scouts of America, and is a graduate of Leadership Dixie. Most near and dear to Jeremy’s heart is Keller Williams annual “Red Day”, a day of service in which every single Keller Williams Realty office on the planet stops what they’re doing to complete a local service project (VIDEO BELOW!)

Keller Williams Realty “Red Day”

What company would close their entire office down for a day every year to do service? KELLER WILLIAMS, that’s who! We’re talking about “Red Day”, a KW tradition that involves every single office in the KW system. Our St. George office did a day of labor at Porter’s Nursing Home on 200 N. which included planting an entire veggie garden, park benches, flowers and miscellaneous interior paint work. The residents LOVED IT! Of course the real benefit was to those involved. Those people don’t see many visitors ever, so having 30+ Keller Williams agents in their bright red “Red Day” t-shirts tearing up the yard was pretty darn exciting for them.

Sell Your Home

49% of Homes NEVER….SELL….

Really! Current statistics show that only ½ of the homes that hit the St. George Real Estate market actually sell. Let’s avoid that shall we? 

 When you’re selling your St. George (or surrounding area) real estate, you want to do is as fast as possible, with the fewest headaches, and of course you want to earn the most money possible….who doesn’t?  We understand this and have developed a unique, (see: “effective”) 4-step Seller Success System.  Leaving a SINGLE step out can cost you thousands and leave your home languishing on the market for way….too…..long…..or cause your home to not sell at all!

We’ll consult with you on the Home Staging, Marketing and Pricing process, as well as discuss the critical importance of Buyer feedback in the process of uniquely positioning your home to get the absolute best results possible.

Our Seller Success System works. Like a charm. SO well, in fact, that the Larkin Group sells St. George real estate, on average, 33% faster  average agent, and for an average of 4% more money! And most importantly, the system relieves you, the Seller, from a mountain of stress so you can focus on the important stuff…like packing.
Step one.
Describe your home for comparison.

Step two.
List or describe any important features.

Step three.
Tell us how we can contact you.

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A proven formula for success!

Short on time? Facing imminent foreclosure or other financial danger?  You’re not alone. With the average St. George home sale taking over 4-6 months in today’s market, many Sellers simply cannot gamble on the “waiting game.” Every month is another payment... more HOA fees, more uncertainty. Whether you’re in imminent financial danger, need to get relocated quickly for new employment, or simply need this home sold so you can close on the next one, The Larkin Group’s Guaranteed Sale Program can alleviate some serious stress. Through this program, we can GUARANTEE to sell your St. George real estate at a price, and time frame, you agree to – or we’ll have it BOUGHT FOR CASH, or SELL IT FOR FREE! Yes, really.

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YOUR GOAL: Know what the heck is going on with your most precious material asset….and maybe look seriously smart for your friends and family.

OUR COMMITMENT:  Provide our clients the best, most detailed, most up to date, “super cool” information available on Washington County Real Estate so you can make the absolute best decisions possible in selling (or buying) your home.

Updated the first Monday of every month, enjoy full, DETAILED real estate market conditions reports not just for Washington County, but for every town – broken down by price range and more. We’ll give you……

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Following Jeremy’s advice was key in getting my home sold

The thing that set Jeremy apart from other Realtors for me was his keen sense of all the subtle elements needed to sell a house. After wasting over 1 year and working with 2 Agents who couldn’t sell my home in the Boulders subdivision of St. George, Jeremy convinced me to wait to put my house on the market until it was priced right, 100% ready to show, looking it’s tip top best. He also had suggestions for “deal breaker” kinds of situations in the house, things that would turn buyers away. I feel that following Jeremy’s advice was key in getting my home sold within a few days of it hitting the market. Not only that, it sold for 100% of the listing price!

The Boulders Subdivision, St. George, Utah

Best follow-up, consultation and customer service

I worked with 4 different agencies and 5 different Realtors when trying to sell 3 Ivins, Utah homes. The Larkin Group gave me the best follow-up information, consultation, and overall customer service of the group.  In fact, Jeremy ended up facilitating both sides of the deals that sold all three homes! I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who values good customer service in their real estate transactions.

Award Winning Parade Builder

Zillow.com and 10-Year Anniversary of Housing Bust! (St. George Real Estate Morning Drive Radio Show)

Click on Facebook Live. to see the entire recorded show from Facebook! Below is the actual S. George Real Estate Morning Drive show, hosted by St. George Real Estate Agent Jeremy Larkin, word for word! Enjoy and please share if you find it valuable! 

Jeremy Larkin and The Larkin Group @ Keller Williams Realty can be reached by calling 435-767-9821, or emailing sales@gostgeorge.com. 

Jeremy:  … good day to everybody.  It is kind of nice out there.  What do you think about the little bit of rain, Mike?

Mike:  I am loving it.  It is all right by me.

Jeremy:  You are not offended?

Mike:  No, not at all.

Jeremy: Do you remember 2013?  Do you remember about this week in 2013?

Mike: It got a little white around here, didn’t it?

Jeremy:  It did, didn’t it?

Mike:  Yes, it did.

Jeremy:  Can you believe that?

Mike:  I am okay with that, too.

Jeremy:  I actually think it was this, well, I know it was this week because it was during the Dickens Festival.

Mike:  Ah.

Jeremy: I know for a fact.  Oh, I could mic up, Mike.  I could have a mic on and even sound better this morning for the lovely people of southern Utah.  So it was, we ought to look that up. It was plus or minus this day, these days, this week in 2013 we had the Great White December.  I do not know what you want to call it.

Jesse:  Is that when all the water pipes were freezing?

Jeremy: Yes, so we had the snowstorm.

Jesse:  Yeah.

Jeremy: And there was, we have talked about it on the show here before in the past, but you could not even get up and down this hill.  Right, Mike?

Mike:  No, it was snowing and then it was very cold.  Everything froze and it stayed around for quite a while.

Jeremy:  Yeah.

Mike:  We had fun.  I was sitting here watching people slide all over the place.

Jeremy:  Yeah, because they could not go up, up and down Bluff Street.

Mike:  Yeah, you only had two or three lanes on Bluff to choose from then.

Jeremy:  Yeah, yeah.

Jesse:  Not six?

Jeremy: You were not up to six lanes plus a turning lane plus, plus.

Mike:  Plus, plus.

Jeremy:  Yeah, this is pretty incredible.  I came out of the Dickens Festival that year.  You know what we did?  We had gone there to see, they were putting on the Christmas Carol, and it was afternoon time.  I remember going in and it looked like it could be, it may have even been snowing a little bit when we went in. Then we came out of the Dickens Festival about 90 minutes later, and it was absolutely astonishing what was going on.  It was like being at a ski resort.  It was more than that.  I have never seen a snow like that in St. George.  And then it did that until about eight or nine o’clock and that night and then the rest is history. You know what is fascinating though, Mike?  They did not shut school down because they do not. I thought they would.

Jesse:  It is Utah, come on.

Jeremy: Well –

Jesse:  We might be St. George, but we are still Utah.

Jeremy: Well, remember that St. George does not even have a snow plow. Per se.  Right.

Jesse: Yeah, that is true.

Jeremy:  I think there was some construction grading pieces of equipment out there.  Well, it is what it is, and of course, that was five years ago.  Five years ago, which is kind of fun.  Jesse, Good morning.  I have got Jesse Poll in the radio studio with me today.

Jesse:  Good morning, everybody.

Jeremy:  Five years have transpired, have moved through since we had that period, and what a difference it made in real estate.  Do you remember what we talked about last week?  The average home value from five years ago is up –

Jesse: $110,000.

Jeremy:  So as of, I am going to move this chair for our live viewers on Facebook.  I hope you are watching.  We broadcast the show on Facebook dot com slash Jeremy Larkin.  I think that is where we have it running. Of course, you can listen to us on 94.9FM, 890AM.  But in April it was 110. So we know it is higher now.

Jesse: It is probably higher now because it has been creeping up there.

Jeremy:  120, 125 I think we talked about.

Jesse:  I just looked yesterday.  I think the average sales prices for Washington County is 352.

Jeremy: 352. Is that nuts?  It is nuts because we are going to talk about a couple of things today.  We are going to talk about what is happening in the market, and what people really need to understand is happening in the market.  If they feel like something has changed, something has changed, but there is no data to support it.

Jesse: Right.  We were just talking about that.

Jeremy: Yeah, so we are going to talk about that today. We are also going to talk about Zillow dot com.  And when I posted this thing up to Facebook, I just asked the question do you use Zillow dot com.  Yes, and we are going to talk about that.  We are going to talk about the statistics, the consumer reaching out to Zillow dot com, which is, we will explain it better later. But it is just a real estate website. It is not owned by any agent. Right?  It is a national website.  And the data that has come out on what the consumer thinks is happening, what they think is happening when they contact Zillow.  Who they think they are contacting, which is quite intriguing to me. Who they believe they are contacting, who they are actually contacting, and the lengths that Zillow is going to, and this is really important for the consumer because it is a consumer-facing brand, just understand if you are a buyer, a home seller or a home buyer, Zillow, it is like Google now.  People throw the word around like Google. Right?

Jesse:  That is true.

Jeremy: Don’t they? And then I am also going to talk about –

Jesse:  Except for they, most of them know how to say Google.  A lot of people do not know how to say Zillow –

Jeremy: Yeah, they do not know how to say Zillow.

Jesse:  Zilloow or Zeelow.

Jeremy:  It is pretty cool stuff, and I think people need to understand what is going on out there. It is an interesting time.  So it is December sixth for anyone how is listening and picks us up after the fact and they are watching on our Facebook feed later or they pick it up.  Folks, we are not linking up most of our radio shows, well, when I say most, going back chronologically, they are not all there.  Going back a couple of months.  You can visit Sold in St. George dot com, Sold in St. George dot com and click on the shows.  We actually have a podcast, and sadly we have not been loading the shows to the podcast because we started the podcast for something different.  And then there was an evolution in our thought process, and we said maybe we will do it differently.  And now we are also going to be loading up our radio shows to that podcast, but we are just not there today.  So visit Sold in St. George dot com.

Jesse:  Now that we have made it public, we will be there soon.

Jeremy: Well, yeah, correct.  These last couple of days, I have been working on trying to nail this thing down with my marketing people.  All right, Jesse, let’s talk about this.

Jesse: Okay.

Jeremy:  Let’s talk about this market.  So we had someone pull their home off the market.  I think this is actually kind of fun. Over at the Larkin Group, we have a cancellation guarantee, and then what that is what we call an Easy Exit Listing Agreement.  Tell people what that means.  Now, we are not here to so much market that, but this is a great segue into, and we will absolutely never mention the name of a client on the phone or on the radio, but I want to talk about the listing that came off yesterday.

Jesse:  Okay.  Yep.

Jeremy:  Go ahead.  So our Easy Exit Listing is what?

Jesse:  What our Easy Exit Listing Agreement is to protect the seller. So if for some reason, either the market is just not correct or things, or we are not making them happy –

Jeremy:  If they are not happy.

Jesse:  — if they are not happy, if we are not happy.  There are a lot of different reasons, but what it says is if for some reason you need to get out of your listing, we will let you out.

Jeremy:  Correct.

Jesse: And in most cases, there is a small fee to help us pay back for the photography, but that miniscule.  So that is what it is. So you are not binded into a contract that is doing you any good.

Jeremy:  Yeah.  Yeah, so we got into this Easy Exit Listing Agreement maybe five years ago.  And the Easy Exit Guarantee is pretty straightforward.  You are not happy, you fire us.

Jesse: Right.

Jeremy:  Of course, there were Glenn Beck ads running. We had Mike doing stuff and other stations talking about this Easy Exit, if you are not happy, fire us.  Well, we had an interesting situation with a client deciding, it is interesting. I guess they really did not fire us.

Jesse:  No. In fact, he decided he will probably call you back in the spring.

Jeremy:  Yeah, but I think it is a really important example of what is happening in the market. So we put this home on.  $400,000 range. Right?  And 399,900, and the consumer, excuse me, the seller wanted to list it for 425, and everything I had said 375. So what did we do?  We met in the middle.

Jesse:  Yep.

Jeremy: Right. I said, well guys, we can try it at 399.  We tried it at 399.  We had a handful of showings. We modified the price at 395.  We had more showings.  We brought a huge group of real estate agents through.  Huge group of real estate agents through, and this is where it gets really fascinating. So we brought through, and I am going to pull this up. I can actually share this with what happened or what the, with our listeners.  I think that you are going to like this.  So we brought a big group of agents.  What is called the Board of Real Estate, Board of Realtors tour, caravan tour. With 15 agents giving us written feedback, okay, and here is what we asked them.  Ready, Jess? Scale of 1 to 10, how was the condition, and they ranked it an 8.87 on average.  Some of them said 10.

Jesse: And I believe that.  It is a nice house.

Jeremy:  The home was built around 2005?  Five-ish.  I should know this, but it is just not top of mind right now.  Number two, in your price and your opinion, what price would cause the home to sell?  Now this is interesting.  The home was listed for $395,000, and here is what they said.  369,900; 374, 379, 379, 299, ouch, 375, 375, 375, 380, 349, 375, no opinion, 380, 369, 379.  Every single agent said 380 or below.  One agent said 299 to be safe, which is getting out there.

Jesse: Yeah, that is –

Jeremy:  I would have bought it for 299.

Jesse: Anybody will buy it for 299.

Jeremy:  And if you average that out, essentially it is 370.  370.

Jesse:  But that 299 brings up an interesting theory.  When you have the biggest home in the neighborhood, you still have got to consider what neighborhood you are in.

Jeremy:  Yes.

Jesse:  So that neighborhood they are in is actually a 299 neighborhood.

Jeremy:  Yes.

Jesse:  Tops 320.  So you have got the biggest home there. How are buyers perceiving you?  They still have the neighborhood to consider. It does not mean they are right.

Jeremy:  It is absolutely right.

Jesse: But that is how they are looking at you when you are walking in the door.

Jeremy:  So the biggest home in the neighborhood, nicest home in the neighborhood, usually comes back to bite you in rear end, doesn’t it?

Jesse:  It really does.

Jeremy:  Yep.

Jesse: It really does because at the end of the day you still have got a certain demographic of buyer that is going to buy a home there.

Jeremy: So here is what was going on.  We had a neighborhood full of 2100 square foot and smaller homes. And this one happens to be 2800 square feet.  So what would happen is the client, great people, would say but we have the biggest home in the neighborhood.  Shouldn’t we get more? You should get more, but the market would not support that much more.

Jesse: Right.  Right.

Jeremy:  So we have 15 agents go through the home.  Every single one of them says the price needs to be 375. So we sat down last Friday and we visited, and I said here is what we need to do. We need to be at 375 or we need to cancel the listing. And I handed them two forms to sign, a cancellation form or a price change form. And the reason I talk about this so boldly on the radio is because this is like the conversation that real estate agents do not want to talk about.  Well, we would never ask you to reduce your price.

Jesse:  Well that is –

Jeremy:  I would never ask you to reduce your price.  I would tell you that you have to reduce your price based on the market rejecting your price. And that is what we did.  And yesterday stopped by the office, dropped off the cancellation form.  Hey, we will probably call you in the spring.  We are going to see if it will go better. Remember that the value of our home is not what we want. Right, Jesse?

Jesse: Right.

Jeremy: But, Jesse, I want, it is not what you need, Jesse.  I understand that you want to do a home equity line, redo your roof, but who does not care whether you want to do that or not?

Jesse:  Right.  The buyer.

Jeremy:  The buyer does not have any emotion about what you and your family what to do with the equity in your home.

Jesse:  Right.

Jeremy:  It is not what we paid.  But Jesse, I paid 250,000, shouldn’t I get blank?

Jesse: My question is what does that have to do with it? Because if you would have paid $100,000, do you want to sell it for $100,000 if it is worth 300?

Jeremy: Yeah.  And if we bought Microsoft stock at 50 and it is selling for 30 today, that is just what we would get today.

Jesse: So what we paid is irrelevant. It is do we need to sell or not and can we or will we sell in the current market.

Jeremy:  And most importantly, it is never, a home is never valued at what another agent or your agent says it is valued at. It is always valued at what price?

Jesse:  The price that the buyers are willing to pay.

Jeremy: Bingo.

Jesse:  And the seller is willing to sell.

Jeremy:  Bingo.  So it is a cautionary tale and the challenge is that at 375, the home would have been sold a long time ago and there was equity.  And it could have been done, but there was this feeling and there is always this feeling, but I need to buy a new home and I need all of the money from this home to buy the new home.  Right?  Which again comes back to making the, somehow us trying to believe that our product, I am selling a bike right now. It is on KSL dot com and a website for mountain bikes called Pink Bike.  It is a mountain bike wholesale.  Of course, I put it on at $100 higher than I thought I should, and then I modified it 24 hours later.  That fast. And do you know what I went through? I said but I changed out the aluminum wheels for carbon wheels.  I changed out the regular handlebar for a carbon handlebar. But wait, I upgraded the seat.  Wait.  I changed out the seat post. I started running a tally on all of the money that I had spent on this bike.  And guess what all the guys and gals across the planet who visit KSL dot com classifieds and Pink Bike do not care about?

Jesse:  Yep.  That is great.

Jeremy: Yeah.

Jesse: Because we all go through that.  Everyone of us when we are either thinking about selling something and when we are buying something. It is just flipped in reverse.

Jeremy:  By the way, that is exactly right. By the way, I tallied up $1600 in upgrades on a bike.  The bike is worth about $1800.  I am like I am giving the bike away.  How many clients have we heard in real estate say I do not want to give my home away?

Jesse:  Yeah.

Jeremy:  Am I giving the bike away, guys, if I sell it for the value that the market will bear?  Well, of course not.  Right? So as you move through this market, understand something we are seeing.  We are seeing the prices of listings be reduced and we are seeing them being reduced all over the place.

Jesse: Yeah, there is a lot coming through.

Jeremy:  There is a lot coming through.  We do not believe that home values are falling.  We believe that there has been 5-10% over market value that people are asking. Right?

Jesse: Well, because in the market that we have been in it is normal or not surprising to see somebody that goes hey, let’s try to get this.  Once in a while, they do.

Jeremy:  Yeah, once in a while they do.

Jesse: They might get really lucky, but as the market starts to shift, we either, we have a few choices.  We either have to go okay, we better get in front of this before we get behind it because you will never catch it.

Jeremy:  You will never catch it.

Jesse:  Or you go okay, let’s just take a break.  Let’s stop.

Jeremy:  Let’s stop.

Jesse:  Because you have got to rethink. You have to correct yourself.  The marketing, the pricing, the whole thing. Or you just chase and chase and chase.

Jeremy:  Yeah.  Well, you do.  We talked about if a ball is running down a hill, and if you remember this as a child, and you are trying to get in front of the ball. Trying to get in front of the ball, excuse me, try to catch the ball, but you cannot catch the ball –

Jesse:  Because you kick it.

Jeremy:  (Indiscernible) front of the ball.

Jesse:  Because you kick it.

Jeremy:  You try to reach them, you lunge, and you pull a muscle and then you are kicking the ball further down the hill.  All right. Zillow dot com. It is like Google.  Literally in real estate, well is it on Zillow?  Is the home on Zillow?  I am For Sale By Owner.  It is on Zillow.  Well, have you looked at Zillow? Well, what does Zillow say. Last night, last night, someone asked me how accurate is the Zillow’s estimate?  Last night.  Yesterday afternoon, I am with a friend.  He is a close friend.  He is a CPA in town.  He is a great guy.  How close is Zillow? And then you know what he said? Well, it does not show 1200 feet in my home.  Well right.  Or 2000, maybe it was 2000.  Because Zillow does not pick up the basement.  But today we are not here to talk about whether Zillow is accurate or not.  And real estate agents love to hate this site because the consumer looks, it is the Google of real estate, and real estate agents hate it because they have this brand.

Jesse:  They do have the brand.

Jeremy:  But here is the deal, guys.  Us getting on the radio and convincing you that Zillow does not have accurate data, you will probably not even listen to what I am saying.  You are going to go to Zillow.

Jesse: Well, it would be wrong because sometimes they do and sometimes they do not. Just like us.

Jeremy:  Yeah, here is where we are going. Statistically speaking, you saw this.  What percentage of people when they contact Zillow think they are contacting the real estate agent on, excuse me, when they contact Zillow think they are contacting Zillow?

Jesse: Zero.

Jeremy: Well, not according to the data.

Jesse: They think they are contacting Zillow?

Jeremy: Yeah, when they contact Zillow, when they go and click on a form, did you see this in this article yet?

Jesse: It is like 19 pages. I did not get through it all.

Jeremy: There you go.  I did not know if you saw this.  50% of the consumers.  Zillow just came out with their report.  50% of the consumers when they contact Zillow believe they are contacting Zillow.

Jesse: Really?

Jeremy: They believe they are contacting, actually contacting someone at Zillow.

Jesse:  So when they go in and ask about a property they think they –

Jeremy:  Well, they absolutely believe that they are asking, just asking a question of the website.

Jesse: Oh, okay.

Jeremy:  So who are they actually, in fact, contacting?

Jesse: Agents.

Jeremy: Correct.

Jesse: Buyer’s agents really.  Any agent.

Jeremy:  And how are agents showing up in that? Are they showing up in that because they are the best agent or what?

Jesse:  They pay to be there.

Jeremy:  They, we, that means we.

Jesse: We do.  Yes.

Jeremy:  We.  We are part of it.  We pay.  Now listen. Paying to have your listing featured and become a premier agent on Zillow is great for your client.

Jesse:  Right.

Jeremy:  So for home sellers, you definitely want to hire an agent who is spending money on Zillow, to be quite frank. Until they kick these guys out of the market, you almost have to hire someone.  So Zillow, there is a huge report that came out.  It is not a Zillow article, but it is a report that Jesse and I are checking out.  50% of the consumers believe that when they contact Zillow, they are actually contacting Zillow.  The –

Jesse:  That number surprises me.  I would have said they think they are contacting the listing agent.

Jeremy:  It is real. It is real. And because they think they are contacting Zillow, Zillow has a situation, and the situation is that they now have to protect their brand.  Because if you have a giant brand, Jesse, and 50% of the consumers are contacting it thinking they are contacting you, can you allow agents across the planet to not follow up, to not call the client back?

Jesse: No.

Jeremy: No way.  You now have to control the process. So what is happening is Zillow is charging agents, we are one of them, an arm, a leg, and a kidney to feature our listings on Zillow. And then what they are doing is they are selling the information back to us so we can talk to you as the buyer or the seller on the other end.  Right?  They are vetting you.

Jesse:  Interesting.

Jeremy:  They are vetting to make sure you are giving accurate email addresses, phone numbers, names, and it is coming back through.  How crazy is that? So let’s wrap up. The two big trends:  Zillow is now Google of real estate.  When you contact Zillow understand you are contacting an agent.  You might want to visit us at Sold in St. George dot com if you want to bypass Zillow and not have them vet your information.  And number two, there is a good chance if you have your home on the market, the price, you are asking too much, and you are going to need to sit down with a good agent as we move into January second, first of 2019, whatever the first business day is, and get that price amended right now. Right now so you are not chasing the snowball down the hill.

Jesse: Right.

Jeremy:  Yuck.  Yuck. Thank you

Dream Team

Jeremy doesn’t sell 10x as much St. George real estate as the average agent ALONE. Meet the St. George, Utah “Jedi’s.” Delivering newspapers & pizzas in St. George before most real estate agents had HEARD of the place, there is virtually no corner of Washington County that Jeremy & The Larkin Group don’t have intimate knowledge of! This provides SERIOUS power to our St. George Real Estate Clients. “We Know this Town!”…literally, AND figuratively!

Team member image
Jeremy Larkin CEO / Director of Sales

Born and raised in St. George, our CEO Jeremy Larkin is known in the area as “The Voice of St. George Real Estate” and likes to call himself the “Chief Evangelist for Utah’s Dixie.” A graduate of Dixie High School, Dixie State and Southern Utah Universities, Jeremy has built a career, brand, and life for his family in this beautiful location where he bikes, golfs and even skis (yes on the snow) with his 4 kids at Brianhead just up I-15. You can listen to him live Thursday mornings at 8:35 AM on KDXU radio with the famed Mike McGary or catch him anytime 24-7 on the Larkin Group’s YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/GoStGeorgeTV


Team member image
Dezlee Hancock Showing Partner

Dezlee loves St. George. Although not a native of St. George, she has lived here for 27 years and has enjoyed everything it has to offer.  She took advantage of living close to Dixie State University and recently completed her degree in Communications.  Her passion is to use effective communications to help others find what they are seeking in life.  She has used this passion while owning and running a business with her husband Clark and working in the medical profession.  She loves the challenge of solving problems by finding the right way to communicate.  She is excited to be part of the Larkin Group at Keller Williams Realty where personal growth is just as important as business growth.

Team member image
Alexandria Ludlow Buyer Specialist

Alex comes to us by way of Salt Lake City, where she fought the law, as a Paralegal, Administrative Assistant, and Office Manager for seven years, and the law won! Her passion for marketing and advertising took her away from the legal field and straight into marketing and PR where she thrived in all social media platforms, developing strategic market plans, press release writing and distribution and was able to land many guest spotlights on television for her clients. Although thriving in the busy city life, Alex and her husband decided to move to the quaint and sunshiny City of Saint George to plant their roots and feed their passion for the outdoors.  With her strong legal background, a few dozen marketing tricks up her sleeve, and her infinite love of helping PEOPLE the transition into Real Estate has been seamless. Alex is a bundle of positivity, upbeat energy, and she won’t skip an opportunity to make you laugh, however, her professionalism, tact, and down to business drive puts her in a category all her own.


Team member image
Jessica Marron Buyer Specialist

Seeking warm-weather sanity, year-round golf and amazing vistas, Jessica escaped the mind-numbing cold of Cody, Wyoming to join us “smart folks” in Utah’s Dixie! To say she is excited to live in beautiful St. George is an understatement! She studied Spanish at Brigham Young University and received a Masters in Education from Montana State. She later taught Spanish and English for ten years in a tiny school district of 140 students. While she loved teaching, she is excited for a new challenge and adventure. In addition to passing her free time traveling, spending time with her husband and daughter, and reading great books, this woman is DOWNRIGHT FUNNY! You’ll get that the second you meet her!

Team member image
Creed Haymond Listing Partner

Creed is currently finishing his business admin degree at Dixie State University.  Creed has been involved in sales ranging from retail management to international software sales.  Creed is married to his gorgeous wife Bailee and they are the parents of a very new baby boy! In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing and Rugby (he played for the University of Utah as a Senior in High School). Not just a handsome fact, (and he is!), Creed brings the experience and skill of literally THOUSANDS of live sales calls in his niche of helping our clients find the very best buyer for their homes!


Team member image
Michelle Evans Director of Buyers

PASSIONATE for St. George and St. George area Real Estate, Michelle oversees all Buyer client operations for the Larkin Group and she knows her stuff! After being raised in the midst of cornfields and pig farms in the Midwest, Michelle went on to spend time in Provo, UT, Hokkaido, Japan, 5 summers in Jackson, Wyoming, and a stint in Sunny Southern California before fate, luck and the Gods brought her to Paradise - St. George, Utah. (Talk about a whirl-wind tour!) What we may like best about Michelle has nothing to do with real estate, rather her incredible character and ability to make us BELLY LAUGH with theatrical antics! Our “Zillow.com all-star”, Michelle’s clients ALWAYS give a raving 5-stars!

Team member image
Robert MacFarlane Listing Partner

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Early on Robert never took the common path, born in Sandy, UT at 15 he went to a military prep boarding school that gave him a strong foundation in Duty, Honor and Achievement. He graduated with high honors at California State University Fullerton in Political Science and set off to backpack 9 countries in Europe. He met the love of his life at 21 in Southern California and never looked back. After a decade in the restaurant industry the young couple moved to St George to provide an amazing place for their son Robert Jr. to grow up. Community involvement has always been a passion and Real Estate is his vehicle in having a life worth living in safe and beautiful place.

Team member image
Jesse Poll Client Concierge

With a heart bigger than his body, Larkin Group Client Concierge Jesse Poll may simply be the most beloved person on the team! After 20 years in the hospitality Industry holding every position you could think of, Jesse graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and ventured into the world of real estate. You truly have to meet Jesse to fully comprehend his passion for delivering happiness to others – a true servant. Maybe the most proud Grandpa in town, Jesse shares this thought: “At the end of the day I always want to know in my heart that I have done all I could do for our clients and anyone else that shows up in our world here at the Larkin Group.” And he means it!

Team member image
Charmie Mendoza Internet Marketing Specialist

Ever wonder who’s behind the scenes making sure your listing photos look “Pinterest-perfect” or getting feedback from your latest home showing? Meet Charmie Mendoza, The Larkin Group’s Marketing Specialist! Mother of one darling son, Charmie has a wealth of experience which includes multiple fortune 100 companies and over 3 years helping Larkin Group clients get their homes sold FAST, and for top dollar. Being an advocate of “doing it right the first time”, Charmie has earned numerous performance awards and is just plain dependable. We’re grateful to have her and know she’s always “got our backs”!


To see how our team creates custom marketing plans for each home and how we spend money each year–fill out the form or call right away at 435.602.4685.