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Selling 15x more homes than the average Agent
Selling 15x more homes than the average Agent
#1 Selling Brokerage in St. George Market
#1 Selling Brokerage in St. George Market
Selling Homes 33% FASTER than average Agent
Selling Homes 33% FASTER than average Agent
Netting Sellers $6,000 more on average
Netting Sellers $6,000 more on average

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Nice Guy

If you’re not the kind of person who cares about hiring a “nice guy” to sell your St. George real estate, you’ll want to use that “back” button ASAP. If you are, well read on!

“Jeremy is such a nice boy. Yes, he was a picky eater as a child, but a good boy.
We’re so proud of him.”

“In a world of certain uncertainly, there are two statements you can be certain about….

1. “Knowledge is Power”

2. “All Real Estate is Local”

I’m certain about it.”
-Some Wise Guy

And if those two statements are, indeed, true, then “Local Knowledge” is BIG POWER for Buyers and Sellers in the St. George Real Estate market.

Jeremy & Extended Family

Jeremy & Extended Family

For Jeremy Larkin, there’s more to life than just selling St. George real estate. He’s proud to be a true Washington County local, graduating from Dixie High, Dixie State College, and Southern Utah University (SUU). Shoot, he and his good wife graduated from Dixie State College on Friday night, and were married on Saturday morning!

He is such a local that he often jokes about living in four different homes along a three-block strip of 600 East in downtown St. George and walking to Elementary, Middle School, High School, and often College!

Not only did Jeremy grow up in Utah’s Dixie, but his parents did as well. In that time, the Larkins have seen the town grow from a tiny little oasis in the desert with 1 stoplight, to bustling but quaint paradise we enjoy today.

“You may think I’m young” Jeremy says, “but I remember when 700 S. just ran East past where Harmon’s Grocery store is and just turned off into the desert. There was no IHC, SkyWest, Target or any other “Big Box” store on that side of town – just sagebrush and our scattered underground and tree forts!”

Through the years, Jeremy has been involved in serving The Exchange Club, The Southern Utah Performing Arts Festival (SUPAF), The Boy Scouts of America, and is a graduate of Leadership Dixie. Most near and dear to Jeremy’s heart is Keller Williams annual “Red Day”, a day of service in which every single Keller Williams Realty office on the planet stops what they’re doing to complete a local service project (VIDEO BELOW!)

Keller Williams Realty “Red Day”

What company would close their entire office down for a day every year to do service? KELLER WILLIAMS, that’s who! We’re talking about “Red Day”, a KW tradition that involves every single office in the KW system. Our St. George office did a day of labor at Porter’s Nursing Home on 200 N. which included planting an entire veggie garden, park benches, flowers and miscellaneous interior paint work. The residents LOVED IT! Of course the real benefit was to those involved. Those people don’t see many visitors ever, so having 30+ Keller Williams agents in their bright red “Red Day” t-shirts tearing up the yard was pretty darn exciting for them.

Sell Your Home

49% of Homes NEVER….SELL….

Really! Current statistics show that only ½ of the homes that hit the St. George Real Estate market actually sell. Let’s avoid that shall we? 

 When you’re selling your St. George (or surrounding area) real estate, you want to do is as fast as possible, with the fewest headaches, and of course you want to earn the most money possible….who doesn’t?  We understand this and have developed a unique, (see: “effective”) 4-step Seller Success System.  Leaving a SINGLE step out can cost you thousands and leave your home languishing on the market for way….too…..long…..or cause your home to not sell at all!

We’ll consult with you on the Home Staging, Marketing and Pricing process, as well as discuss the critical importance of Buyer feedback in the process of uniquely positioning your home to get the absolute best results possible.

Our Seller Success System works. Like a charm. SO well, in fact, that the Larkin Group sells St. George real estate, on average, 33% faster  average agent, and for an average of 4% more money! And most importantly, the system relieves you, the Seller, from a mountain of stress so you can focus on the important stuff…like packing.
Step one.
Describe your home for comparison.

Step two.
List or describe any important features.

Step three.
Tell us how we can contact you.

Recent reports show St. George area home values rising faster than you may think! This is phenomenal news for those many St. George homeowners who’ve been waiting for values to rise enough to get their current home sold – and perhaps build or purchase that next home before values get too high!

To get immediate access to home values for YOUR neighborhood, visit www.dixiehomevalue.com, or of course feel free to contact us at 435.602.4685 or larkingroup@gostgeorge.com for a private consultation.

A proven formula for success!

Short on time? Facing imminent foreclosure or other financial danger?  You’re not alone. With the average St. George home sale taking over 4-6 months in today’s market, many Sellers simply cannot gamble on the “waiting game.” Every month is another payment... more HOA fees, more uncertainty. Whether you’re in imminent financial danger, need to get relocated quickly for new employment, or simply need this home sold so you can close on the next one, The Larkin Group’s Guaranteed Sale Program can alleviate some serious stress. Through this program, we can GUARANTEE to sell your St. George real estate at a price, and time frame, you agree to – or we’ll have it BOUGHT FOR CASH, or SELL IT FOR FREE! Yes, really.

Get Started Today

This program certainly isn’t for everyone, and of course not all properties qualify, but it could be for you. To see if your piece of St. George real estate qualifies and for details about our guaranteed sale program please fill out the form below:

Buying and Selling Guides

They’re here! The Winter 2017 Home Buying & Selling guides, just in time for your next move. Fill out the form below to indicate whether you are interested in receiving an exclusive (and IMMEDIATE) copy of our winter 2016-2017 home Buying & Selling Guides.

YOUR GOAL: Know what the heck is going on with your most precious material asset….and maybe look seriously smart for your friends and family.

OUR COMMITMENT:  Provide our clients the best, most detailed, most up to date, “super cool” information available on Washington County Real Estate so you can make the absolute best decisions possible in selling (or buying) your home.


Updated the first Monday of every month, enjoy full, DETAILED real estate market conditions reports not just for Washington County, but for every town – broken down by price range and more. We’ll give you……

  • How many homes have sold in your price range
  • How many did NOT sell in your price range
  • How many are CURRENTLY for sale in your price range…and how many months it will take to sell them all
  • And of course, a super-duper, really cool glossary explaining it all in “real people” terms



Want to get this report in your inbox the SECOND we publish it? Well just say so! Simply fill out the form below your wish will be our command. 

To get access to the most current market conditions for all of Washington County fill out the form below or call us for immediate access 435.602.4685

The Larkin Group reviews




Following Jeremy’s advice was key in getting my home sold

The thing that set Jeremy apart from other Realtors for me was his keen sense of all the subtle elements needed to sell a house. After wasting over 1 year and working with 2 Agents who couldn’t sell my home in the Boulders subdivision of St. George, Jeremy convinced me to wait to put my house on the market until it was priced right, 100% ready to show, looking it’s tip top best. He also had suggestions for “deal breaker” kinds of situations in the house, things that would turn buyers away. I feel that following Jeremy’s advice was key in getting my home sold within a few days of it hitting the market. Not only that, it sold for 100% of the listing price!

The Boulders Subdivision, St. George, Utah

Best follow-up, consultation and customer service

I worked with 4 different agencies and 5 different Realtors when trying to sell 3 Ivins, Utah homes. The Larkin Group gave me the best follow-up information, consultation, and overall customer service of the group.  In fact, Jeremy ended up facilitating both sides of the deals that sold all three homes! I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who values good customer service in their real estate transactions.

Award Winning Parade Builder

The #1 Reason Home Buyers’ Dreams May Be Crushed

What if a small change in mortgage interest rates caused you to COMPLETELY MISS the opportunity to purchase a home?! That could be happening. And soon.

Today, Jeremy Larkin & Host Chantry Abbott from Guild Mortgage Company discusses an upcoming change in the national and St. George real estate markets that will majorly affect every single Buyer’s ability to get the home they want….as well as home SELLERS’ ability to sell those homes.

The #1 Reason Home Buyers’ Dreams May Be Crushed

Dream Team

Jeremy doesn’t sell 10x as much St. George real estate as the average agent ALONE. Meet the St. George, Utah “Jedi’s.” Delivering newspapers & pizzas in St. George before most real estate agents had HEARD of the place, there is virtually no corner of Washington County that Jeremy & The Larkin Group don’t have intimate knowledge of! This provides SERIOUS power to our St. George Real Estate Clients. “We Know this Town!”…literally, AND figuratively!

Team member image
Creed Haymond Listing Partner

Creed is currently finishing his business admin degree at Dixie State University.  Creed has been involved in sales ranging from retail management to international software sales.  

Creed is married to his gorgeous wife Bailee and they are expecting their first child, a baby boy, this August.

In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing and Rugby (he played for the University of Utah as a Senior in High School). 

Creed is excited to help you with all of you Real Estate needs! His specialty is listings!

Team member image
Jeremy Larkin CEO / Director of Sales

As any seasoned real estate veteran can attest, "all real estate is local", and Jeremy Larkin is proud to be a true Washington County local, graduating from Dixie High, Dixie State College, and Southern Utah University. He is such a local that he often jokes about living in four different homes along a three-block strip of 600 East in downtown St. George.

With a lifetime of residency and involvement in the local community, Jeremy has hosted the GoStGeorge Radio program for 2+ years on Fox News Radio. He also maintains and regularly communicates with one of the largest contact databases in the area which is a major asset for our St. George Real Estate Seller and Buyer clients who are looking to make a mutual connection! Jeremy and his wife Megan are the parents of 4 wild kids and plan on being in St. George...well, forever! Jeremy's specialty: Selling St. George area homes, and just generally being local....DANGEROUSLY local.

Team member image
Marci Theodore Closing Coordinator

When Avis Rent-a-Car "scouted" Marci, she was on the front end of a local award-winning car wash and Avis owners were mind-boggled at how she was asserting herself to do any and everything to make that car wash run smoothly. So good that they stole her away on the spot! 9 years later she was running 3 stores and according to her colleagues, "could work circles around anyone there!"

Mother of 2 of the most darling kids on the planet, and wife of "Super Hero Husband" Nic, now she's ours! Marci has applied her unparalleled work ethic, drive, and street smarts to the real estate market and now oversees Larkin Group Closing.  She's the one that makes sure your your closing information is accurate, processed in a timely manner!  Marci's specialty: Overseeing St. George area Real Estate Seller happiness!

Team member image
Michelle Evans Director of Buyers

PASSIONATE for St. George and St. George area Real Estate! Michelle oversees all Buyer client operations for the Larkin Group and she knows her stuff! After being raised in the midst of cornfields and pig farms in the Midwest, Michelle went on to spend time in Provo, UT, Hokkaido, Japan – (KONNICHIWA!), five summers in Jackson, Wyoming, and a stint in Sunny Southern California before fate, luck and the Gods brought her to Paradise - St. George, Utah!

Because of these moves, Michelle knows what St. George Real Estate Buyers are going through. She was also instrumental in creating the Larkin Group's "Buyer's Advantage" Program which not only GUARANTEES your happiness with your St. George area Real Estate purchase (really), but gives you the peace of mind of a 1-year home warranty and even freshly cleaned carpets! Very cool. Like Michelle. Michelle's specialty: Making St. George area Real Estate Buying an amazing (and profitable) experience!

Team member image
Robert MacFarlane Listing Partner
Team member image
Nicole Blanchard Buyer Specialist

I was born in Anaheim California and moved to Las Vegas, NV when I was three and that is where I grew up. In 2012 I moved to Yuma Arizona to be with my husband who was stationed there in the Marine Corps.  We have two beautiful little girls and decided to make the move to Southern Utah when my husband finished his 10 years of service with the Marine Corps. 

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and my little girls.  Some of the things we enjoy doing are tubing, fishing, and camping at Sand Hollow Reservoir.  We love the beautiful views Southern Utah has to offer and the proximity to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon to name a few. In the colder months you can find me at Brian Head snowboarding and sledding with the family.

Growing up in Las Vegas, NV is where I realized my passion for Real Estate at a young age.  There I worked in the Property Management aspect of the industry. I epitomize integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction.

I have been professionally trained to work with home buyers and negotiate on your behalf. I will use my experience and foresight to proactively address details before they become a problem. I will stay in constant communication throughout the transaction from the first phone call all the way to signing on the dotted line..

Team member image
Laurette Johnston Listing Coordinator
Team member image
Jesse Poll Client Concierge
Charmie Mendoza Internet Marketing Specialist

To see how our team creates custom marketing plans for each home and how we spend money each year–fill out the form or call right away at 435.602.4685.