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What are St. George Homes Worth per Square Foot?

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What are St. George Homes Worth per Square Foot?

Today we are going to answer a question and discuss an issue that always comes up…and we DO mean ALWAYS! What is your house worth per square foot?

The challenge of this question is that it’s the WRONG question It’s like asking, “how much do cars cost?” Well…..there are questions you need to answer first, like: Which car? What year? What model? What upgrades? There are too many variables to just give you a short answer of “what cars cost.”

The same thing happens with attempting to come up with blanket pricing per square foot on a home. When you are only analyzing a home in terms of its price per square foot, you might miss some of the details that a home has that makes it worth more or less per square foot. Age, location, view, # of levels, # of garage bays, pool?, etc, etc, etc.

If you look at a list of St. George area homes that are all priced for $100 per square foot and find another home that’s the same size but priced at $120 per square foot, you are going to wonder why it costs so much more. In all actuality, you may be getting a better deal on the SECOND property due to extra features in the home.

So, just how much variety exists in St. George home values in terms of pricing per square foot?

Well, since January 1st of this year, the lowest priced single-family home sale in terms of price per square foot, was $39, located in Hurricane City. On the other hand, an incredibly unique home in downtown Springdale was sold for a whopping $745 per SF! How could a home sell for that much more, when they are both single family dwellings?

Well, the home that was priced at $745 is located in Springdale on 20 acres right near Zion National Park. Essentially a one of a kind, impossible to replace, incredibly located property. You can’t compare a small, rural home in Hurricane Valley to a landmark property in Springdale and ask why one is so much more expensive than the other. You have to look at much more than the price per square footage to determine the true value of a home.

Is there a time when price per SF can be used to determine your home’s value?

Yes. If you live in a very standardized townhome community or even a single family home community with homes of very similar size, age, finishes, AND a consistent ownership demographic, price per SF can be anywhere from “fairly” to “incredibly” accurate. Just remember that subtle differences – often those you can’t see inside your neighbor’s home, can create massive differences in value.

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What are St. George Homes Worth per Square Foot?