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St. George Parade of Homes Ticket Giveaway and Consumer Survey! (St. George Real Estate Radio Show)

Below is the actual St. George Real Estate Morning Drive show, hosted by St. George Real Estate Agent Jeremy Larkin, word for word! Enjoy and please share if you find it valuable! 

Jeremy Larkin and The Larkin Group @ Keller Williams Realty can be reached by calling 435-767-9821, or emailing sales@gostgeorge.com. 

Andy: You know what that music means? I do. I think it means Jeremy Larkin is in the house.
Jeremy: Hello, everybody. You know what, Jesse? We are going to reset this live feed, guys. We have got a Facebook Live feed, and I do not think we are on Wi-Fi. So I think we re going to reset it. Good morning to everybody here. Jeremy Larkin, host of the St. George, what?
Jesse: St. George Real Estate Radio Show, the Morning Drive.
Jeremy: You almost got it. See? I was testing you. I was testing you. I was testing you.
Andy: You guys are so tech-savvy.
Jeremy: The St. George Real Estate Morning Drive. Okay? Can we get it right? The St. George Real Estate Morning Drive. We have got to get Andy trained.
Andy: Yeah.
Jeremy: Andy, here is the thing, Andy. You were just calling Hurricane H-Town.
Andy: H-Town. Yeah.
Jeremy: Right.
Andy: Is that not good?
Jeremy: I like it, but now I want the St. George Real Estate Morning Drive. Can people see his shirt? They cannot see his shirt because he has got a face for radio.
Andy: Maybe we ought to do a close-up on Facebook.
Jeremy: He has got a face for radio. Do you love that?
Andy: But he has got a shirt for the world. His shirt is amazing.
Jesse: Hey, my wife gave me this shirt two years ago, and I think it has taken me a couple years to get the courage to wear it. So.
Jeremy: (Indiscernible) woman.
Jesse: It is sexy.
Andy: This is the debut of the shirt today?
Jesse: No, I have worn it before, but not like this. Not on air.
Andy: Oh, okay.
Jeremy: It is a debut.
Andy: He has lips on his shirt.
Jesse: If you cannot see it, you can go to the Larkin Group. We are St. George Experts on Facebook and look at our Facebook Live and you can see the lips. I feel like Mick Jagger.
Jeremy: they are not that big.
Jesse: I almost like Mick Jagger this morning because in the middle of the night, I stole my wife’s pillow and she got up and almost punched me.
Jeremy: Let me see if I can explain something to all of our listeners. He moves. You know the song? Moves Like Jagger? This guy moves like Mick Jagger.
Andy: Yeah?
Jeremy: He actually does. So I got a question out there for people. How many folks are YouTube Live? Does anyone watch YouTube? I do not know. Because it is a thing.
Jesse: I do. Not live, but I definitely am a YouTuber.
Jeremy: So what we are doing now is we have taken the show and we are running it on YouTube Live. So we run the show on Facebook Live. We run the show on YouTube Live. Now, we killed our live feed for just a minute. I am Jeremy Larkin, host of the St. George Real Estate Morning Drive. Because we thought maybe WiiFi might be helpful, Andy.
Andy: Is it working?
Jeremy: It is. We are going to be back on right now. So guys, I want to wish everybody out there a very, very lovely happy Valentine’s Day. Andy, what do you got, what is on your schedule today?
Andy: Dinner and a concert for me and the wife.
Jeremy: Where is the concert?
Andy: It is Cox Auditorium. It is the Carpenters’ tribute band. I do not know if you are old enough to remember the Carpenters.
Jeremy: Come on, of course.
Andy: They were very romantic.
Jesse: No, the Carpenters.
Jeremy: Come on.
Andy: I said something in a room the other day about going to the Carpenters’ tribute band, and everybody gave me the three-mile stare like who? What? Who? She has been dead for 30 years. But yeah, I am pretty pumped about tonight. We have not figured out where dinner, we are not sit down with cloth napkins and have a steak type people very often. So we are going to have a nice dinner and a concert, but it will not be, I am not going to spend $100 on dinner.
Jeremy: Very fair.
Jesse: Or wait for 2 ½ hours.
Andy: I have got a reservation. No, no, I do not want to do that.
Jesse: Valentine’s Day is the craziest restaurant day.
Andy: What about you, Jeremy?
Jeremy: For what it is worth, I have got reservations, by the way.
Andy: Really?
Jeremy: I have got reservations at the Ledges, 5pm.
Andy: Oooo.
Jeremy: So don’t anybody out there dare think that I did not plan ahead. I got those reservations a week ago.
Jesse: Wow. A week in advance and you still got –
Jeremy: Now, I might be there alone, but I have got reservations at the Ledges. Do you know what I am saying?
Andy: You planned ahead though. That is good. I am impressed.
Jeremy: No, I absolutely did. I have got reservations at the Ledges with a very lovely woman. Happy Valentine’s Day to Kayla Evans, and to Jesse Poll here and all of my –
Jesse: And to Leia Frances Poll. That is my wife.
Jeremy: And to Leis Frances Poll. Yeah. And to all of the beautiful women at our office, and also the beautiful men at the Larkin Group. I do not know.
Andy: Can’t they be handsome?
Jeremy: They can be handsome. They are beautiful. Guys, we are back on Facebook Live if you are not there. Facebook dot com slash Jeremy Larkin. Check it out. We are live, back on. Just trying to see if we can get our feeds to run a little better. Okay. The funny part is I was going to look in my photos this morning. This is what I love about technology. I was going to look in my photos and did not prior to the show to find out what I was doing last Valentine’s Day. That is the thing with the phone is you can actually find out what you were doing on any Valentine’s Day. Right?
Andy: Was there something cool?
Jesse: Because of your photos.
Jeremy: No, yeah. Just because your photos it is a scrapbook. It is a living scrapbook. How many photos do you have on your phone, Jesse?
Jesse: Thousands.
Jeremy: How many thousands?
Jesse: I do not know. My phone is over there. Well, I have had to delete it a few times because my iCloud gets full.
Jeremy: Okay.
Jesse: And I just cannot see paying $12, $20 a month because it just keeps adding. When I can take it all over to Google photos and get almost unlimited if I save it right.
Jeremy: Absolutely.
Jesse: So it is challenging to make that happen. With an iPhone, it does not seamlessly happen.
Jeremy: It is not quite as seamless as you want it to be. Well, I want to let you guys know that I have 11,000 —
Andy: 11,000?
Jeremy: — photos.
Andy: Wow.
Jeremy: How do you like that?
Jesse: I do not have that many. You must pay for serious storage or you have a big phone.
Jeremy: I have a gigantic phone.
Jesse: Okay.
Jeremy: It is basically like the brick phone from Saved by the Bell. Remember the one? You do not know.
Andy: I used to broadcast games on those big things.
Jesse: Oh, I remember those.
Jeremy: Oh gosh.
Jesse: Those came out when I was actually a teenager, I think.
Jeremy: Yeah, it is a big old brick phone.
Jesse: Miami Vice.
Jeremy: Yeah, Crockett and Tubbs. Right? Remember those guys?
Andy: Oh yeah.
Jeremy: We are going to have some fun this morning. So we are going to give away some Parade of Homes tickets. We are giving away on the Larkin Group Facebook page dinner for two. A gift card for some folks. Should we start with that?
Jesse: Let’s do it.
Jeremy: Okay, we have got a Valentine’s giveaway. By the way, I am Jeremy Larkin, host of the St. George Real Estate Morning Drive, and I have got Jesse Poll here, my business partner, co-host, and we are talking about, we are going to talk about the St. George Parade of Homes –
Jesse: Let’s do it.
Jeremy: — because it is so massive and we ran a survey that is very, very interesting. Now, I think the data is, I think it is lopsided and weighted because it is data that came from out real estate database.
Jesse: Right. Right.
Jeremy: Does that make sense? So is it really, it is not reflective of what the public is doing.
Jesse: Right, but I think we are going to do another one, I believe.
Jeremy: Yeah, we will probably do another one. Okay.
Jesse: To really make it fair.
Jeremy: We will do another one. But the first thing I want to tell folks is would you like to win date night? You have already got yours planned.
Andy: Yeah.
Jeremy: So folks can still win it. Over at the Larkin Group Facebook page. It is Facebook dot com slash St. George Experts. Facebook dot com slash St. George Experts. Some fun photos. Tag your Valentine and post a photo of you and them on the feed there. We already have 11 beautiful couples have posted and good morning to so many of them. So cool, so fun. Have you seen it? It is pretty fun. Hop on there. Facebook dot com slash St. George Experts, and post a photo of your Valentine together. You two together.
Andy: Yeah.
Jeremy: And we are going to draw for one lucky couple today. Number two, we have got a St. George Parade of Homes ticket giveaway that is going on right now. And I know we are giving people so maybe things to track down, but it is okay. They are going to survive. Right?
Jesse: If they want it, they will track it.
Jeremy: If they want it, they will track it down.
Jesse: We will chase the things that we want.
Jeremy: Yeah, we will chase things that we want. And by the way, I chase the things that I want. Very, very, very much chase things I want. So, want to let people know we are doing a giveaway and if you want to get in on this giveaway, visit St. George Real Estate Videos dot com because we posted the link there, and it is a survey about the Parade of Homes. Should we talk about the results, Jesse?
Jesse: Let’s do it.
Jeremy: It is a very simple survey. We asked people three questions about the Parade of Homes, but maybe most importantly, we asked questions about what their plans are in real estate this year because we want, it is like what are people thinking? What are they feeling? What are they going through? Are people buying homes? Are they selling homes? What are they doing? Right? Okay. So how many responses have we had to our survey?
Jesse: 118.
Jeremy: 118 folks answered three questions. And what were the questions, Jesse? Do you know off the top of your head?
Jesse: The first was have you ever attended the St. George Parade of Homes? 79% said yes. 20% said no.
Jeremy: Okay. And this is in our database?
Jesse: Yes.
Jeremy: So, so 80% said yes, more or less. 20% said no.
Jesse: Right.
Jeremy: Now, not surprisingly, what was the next question and answer?
Jesse: Do you plan to attend this year’s Parade of Homes or the 2019 Parade of Homes? 80% said yes. 19.3 said no.
Jeremy: So essentially, exact reflective answer. All the people who said they had been to the parade said they are going to the Parade. Have you been?
Andy: I have, yes.
Jeremy: It is very cool. If you go this year, if there is anything you want above say $2 million, we would be happy to write it up. Okay? Just want you to know that.
Andy: That would be dollars because that is a little out of my price range, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Yeah, I know. I get it. I get it. Third question. What do we have?
Jesse: Third question. Do you plan on making a move or change of residence in 2019? 55% said no. 44.5 said yes.
Jeremy: And that was baffling. So understand that this survey was conducted out of our database. So for our real estate clients, by the way, who we market to. We have almost 10,000 now —
Jesse: Right.
Jeremy: — recipients on our email list. As a matter of fact, our last, I do not know what yesterday was when we sent out the Parade of Homes giveaway, but we were at about 9200 successful deliveries. That is how big our database it. That is how big the group is that we are now marketing to, that we are marketing your listing to if you are selling a home. Right? That we are sharing about the market. And anyone who is on that list knows that we share, it is like 90% value, content, 10% hey, can you help us out? Can you send us a referral? That kind of thing. We are putting tons and tons of content into this database. So the point being we queried that group, and in that group, not surprisingly, lots of them go to the Parade of Homes. Lots of them plan to go to the Parade of Homes, and almost 50%, did you say 45? Said they are going to move this year.
Jesse: Yes.
Jeremy: Holy cow. Okay.
Jesse: 44.5.
Jeremy: Let’s talk about some of the things they said, and by the way, of course, I am not going to ever share names. Here is a couple of things I noticed by the way. We are thinking of downsizing. We are thinking of downsizing. We are thinking of downsizing. I think I saw that yeah three times. We are thinking of downsizing. Isn’t that fascinating?
Jesse: I am looking at one right here. The first one that popped up. When will the bubble in real estate bust? When will the prices plateau?
Jeremy: Okay.
Jesse: Will Washington County pricing peak anytime soon?
Jeremy: Oh, this is so awesome. So when will the bubble burst? So –
Andy: Is it a bubble even?
Jeremy: You are just, thank you for being wonderful. Andy, have you ever had something go really horribly wrong for you?
Andy: Oh, of course.
Jeremy: Yeah.
Andy: My first day on the air here, as a matter of fact.
Jeremy: Beautiful. And here is a question for you. After the first day on the air, this is actually perfect, and I did not set you up for this.
Andy: Nope.
Jeremy: After the first day on the air, and it went horrible is how you felt about that. Okay? Did you believe that all of the other days were also going to be horrible because that one was horrible?
Andy: No.
Jeremy: No. So do you see where I am going? There was a bubble a decade ago.
Andy: Right.
Jeremy: And because there was a bubble, people are so shell-shocked of what do they believe?
Jesse: There is going to be another one.
Jeremy: It is going to happen again.
Jesse: What is interesting is the last time, it had been so long since we had had anything like that it was not even in their mind.
Jeremy: Correct.
Jesse: And now, because we are back to a normal cycle, right? It should cycle every ten years. Up and down. Up or plateau.
Jeremy: Yes. Yes.
Jesse: So last time, it was one of the longest stretches in history. So it was out of our mind. The 70s and 80s is the last time that it probably really happened (indiscernible)
Jeremy: Literally. Yeah, when you are talking about major economic issues with 70s and 80s –
Jesse: Right.
Jeremy: — you had interest rates hit 18%, and then for people to even buy or sell real estate it was all seller-financed, and weird and wrap-around mortgages. And you can have the use of my four-wheeler. It was three wheelers by the way in the 80s. Those things were fun and dangerous.
Andy: And dangerous.
Jeremy: And dangerous.
Jesse: My son got a three-wheeler that did not run, and he made it run on fumes. He created a gasifier engine.
Jeremy: A gasifier engine.
Jesse: In high school.
Jeremy: Oh my goodness.
Jesse: Good old three-wheeler. They made it a chopper three-wheeler.
Jeremy: I love it. I tipped one over. 600 South downtown St. George.
Jesse: Nice.
Jeremy: But at the time it was like you can use my three-wheeler and then also my house boat at Lake Powell and then I will give you $20,000 down and then if you will, it was this crazy stuff people had to do to sell real estate. We do not have any comprehension how good it is now. Because see if you do not know what the bitter is, you do not know what the sweet is. So folks, we are in a wonderful real estate market. We are in a healthy real estate market. We are probably getting into a more healthy real estate market than we have seen in the last couple of years.
Jesse: Right.
Jeremy: When will the boom bust? Bubble burst? We do not think there is a bubble. Okay? Fair enough?
Jesse: I agree.
Jeremy: All right. So what is another question we have got in here? These are so incredible. Incredible issues. We basically could run a radio show for the next two years off this.
Jesse: I think we should because the next one that popped out on me –
Jeremy: Thank you, everyone.
Jesse: Nothing to do with the Parade of Homes, but this stuff comes up all the time. We are thinking about adding a two-car garage to our home with a two-car garage. And that would be four would be attached. What affect will this have on the home’s value?
Jeremy: Okay. So let’s run this. Let’s break this down now. They want to add a two-car garage.
Jesse: To a two-car garage. So it would be a four-car garage.
Jeremy: Two two-car. All right. So, Carl Wright was in our office last week –
Jesse: Two to two.
Jeremy: Yeah right. So Carl Wright was in our office last week. Carl Wright is with R1 Appraisals. I hope I do not butcher this. I think they have done 120,000 appraisals. His company. They might have a feel for the market.
Jesse: A little one.
Jeremy: And what was fun is that most everything he said reflected what I knew which made me very happy and kind of pat my own back. Stretch back there.
Jesse: He did, too.
Jeremy: Yeah, I did. I went ahead and gave myself a scratch and a pat and hug.
Jesse: And asked us for one, too. And we gave it to him.
Jeremy: I know you did. Depending on the home, 7-10,000 per garage bay if you are in a more expensive home. $5-8,000 per garage bay if you are on a less expensive home. Let’s call it 10,000 a garage bay. And let’s just maybe go ahead and say 15-20 grand. Now, but here is maybe more important. That is 15-20 grand on an appraisal.
Jesse: Right.
Jeremy: But more importantly, if they were to put it on the market, it is much more marketable.
Jesse: Right.
Jeremy: Right? And we do not know. We do not know what, well, aren’t you guys real estate professionals? Well, yeah. But we do not know everything. Right? There is no classic, perfect metric for that. But here is what I would say to the person who answered that question. If you want to put a two-car garage onto your existing two so you got a four, you are not doing that for another buyer. Who are you doing that for, Jesse?
Jesse: Yourself.
Jeremy: Yeah. Have you upgraded your home ever, Andy?
Andy: Yeah, years ago.
Jeremy: What did you do?
Andy: We added a little bit of room. We also built on kind of shed-type space and a carport, and then we added on an awning in the back.
Jeremy: Beautiful.
Andy: Made the back very livable.
Jeremy: So did you like that?
Andy: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Jeremy: And who did you do that for?
Andy: Did it for myself, not for the future owner.
Jeremy: Right.
Jesse: We were just having this conversation the other day.
Jeremy: But there was a benefit for the future owner, but it really was not for them. It was for you.
Andy: Exactly.
Jeremy: There you go.
Jesse: We were just having this conversation the other day. We have got a couple coming soon listings. One in the Legacy that is a walk-out basement. Another one in Bloomington Hills, and we are talking about well one of them has completely remodeled it. Just beautiful home. And we were talking about man, what value can we really get out of this? Can we get it back? That will be coming on the market here in a few weeks. We are really excited about that and see what the market says.
Jeremy: Incredible home in the Legacy. We are –
Jesse: Oh, it is so awesome.
Jeremy: — talk about a couple of properties today.
Andy: Jeremy, let me mention real quick. I have a Mustang.
Jeremy: Hey, Andy, this is my show. I am kidding. Keep talking.
Andy: I just want to enhance your point though.
Jeremy: I just wanted to go ahead and see if people could be uncomfortable. I could not even stand this discomfort –
Andy: I can turn off your microphone –
Jeremy: I know you can.
Andy: No, I am just kidding
Jeremy: So go ahead.
Jesse: He controls this show.
Andy: I have a Mustang. Last year I bought some Boss rims for my Mustang. I did not buy the Boss rims because someday I am going to sell that Mustang and I want to get that money back. I bought the Boss rims because they are cool, and I wanted my car to look really cool. Same point.
Jeremy: And here is the irony. Because not only did you not buy it for the future purchaser of your car, what is actually going to happen to the value of that car over time?
Andy: It is just going to go up. Yeah.
Jeremy: It is going to go up, or people may or may not ever even want that and you may just give those Boss rims away for free. Right? Because you do not know what someone will want.
Andy: Right.
Jeremy: When we talk about selling a home in this market, we have had this conversation so often. You envision this giant funnel, okay. Giant. Like a Washington County size funnel. And at the top of the funnel is every buyer for every property. Okay? Townhomes, condos, single-family homes, luxury homes, trailers, trailers on rented lots, trailers on owned lots, land, every property, every buyer goes into the top of the funnel. Well, here is the issue. Out the bottom of the funnel, Jesse, if you are selling a home, what do you need? You need one person to come out of the bottom of the funnel who wants what?
Jesse: To buy this home.
Jeremy: That home. So Jesse lives on 200?
Jesse: Yep.
Jeremy: In Hurricane, H-Town. I love that, Andy.
Andy: H-Town. Yeah.
Jeremy: He is home that was built –
Jesse: Downtown.
Jeremy: — in 19 what?
Jesse: 1922.
Jeremy: 1922. The home is gorgeous. Okay? And, not but, and it is a historic home.
Jesse: It is definitely an historic home.
Jeremy: So here is what has to happen if Jesse wants to sell his house. He has to find someone, number one, who wants to buy a home. Number two, they want to buy a home in Hurricane –
Jesse: Yep.
Jeremy: — Utah. Number three, they are okay buying a home built in 1926.
Jesse: 22.
Jeremy: 22.
Jesse: Yep.
Jeremy: And all that comes with a home that was built in 1922.
Jesse: Yes, it does. You start digging into those and you find problems you did not even know existed.
Jeremy: Okay. We have got our buyer, but yet, we do not. Now, they have to be able to afford it. Next, number five, they have to want to afford it.
Jesse: Yep.
Jeremy: That one is what people, maybe I do not want to afford it. Oh, I could afford it. I just do not want to afford it. Right? They have to want to afford it. And then we just come circle all the way back around to what we talked about. Then they have to love the style. Going in the house has to feel right the day they went there because maybe the husband and wife or husband and husband or wife and wife or whatever we are doing now, right, we are in a fight in the car on the way to the home. Do you realize the couple fighting in the car on the way to the house could ruin the sale?
Andy: It is true.
Jeremy: Right.
Andy: That is true.
Jeremy: Do you love it? Anything could affect the marketability of this home.
Jesse: Oh my gosh, that is great.
Jeremy: So out the bottom of this funnel is the person that buys your home. And so we just have to realize that this is not like oh, I got the best home on the block. I realize you might have the best home on the block, but buyers are looking at a lot of homes.
Jesse: There are a lot of other dynamics. I was just talking to somebody yesterday that was doing an inspection on a home and their agent, the seller’s agent, is just disconnected. They are not, it is just who they are.
Jeremy: Okay. Agent representing the seller of the property. Okay.
Jesse: The seller. So they are doing inspections. The buyer is doing an inspection and this seller is just livid. And their agent is not available to help calm them down. This is just what happens. This is normal. So it may go south because something you cannot control. The seller, the buyer cannot control, the agent should be controlling that. Or at least doing some future prepping —
Jeremy: Correct.
Jesse: — of what to expect.
Jeremy: Future prepping. Future pacing.
Jesse: Pacing. There you go.
Jeremy: Is what we call it okay. Okay. One more question. Andy, what do we got for time today?
Andy: You have got about three minutes.
Jeremy: Last question, Jesse, and then we are going to talk about two real estate things, two homes.
Jesse: Okay. There was one on here. Let me look.
Jeremy: Okay. When is the best time to refinance? How about that?
Jesse: That is a good one.
Jeremy: You ready? You ready? The best time to refinance is when interest rates are lower than your current interest rate. And by the way, people say by how much? At least a half of a point.
Jesse: Yeah.
Jeremy: If it is not about a half a point, you are going to pay a lot of money unless you are really truly planning on staying in a home for 30 years. When is the best time to refinance? When is the best time to plant a tree? 25 years ago. When is the next best time? Today.
Jesse: And that also depends on what you are doing. I went to go refinance and Chantry Abbot over at Guild Mortgage actually talked me out of it and sent me to a different institution to get a HELOC because it made more sense for me.
Jeremy: That is what happens, by the way, when you work with professionals. How about this? Two minutes. Robert did this on our team. Congrats, Robert. Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert. Just wanted to personally, and you have done this. He talked the seller out of selling their home.
Jesse: Yeah.
Jeremy: Went to visit with the client and said I do not even think this is a good idea. Folks, a couple of incredible properties coming up. We are listing, putting on the market tomorrow afternoon a home in Ivins that is just, it is literally like a little, it is not a diamond in the rough. It is like a little, fields of diamonds. More like that. It is in your backyard. They coined it mini farm meets pool paradise, and these are amazing people.
Jesse: They are amazing people and an amazing house.
Jeremy: Yeah, it is really fun.
Jesse: It is going to be a lot of fun to sell that.
Jeremy: Yeah, I love it when we bring a home to market that is just not another home. 2355 square feet, four bedrooms, but most importantly, they have built this oasis in the backyard. Chicken coops. It is just so freaking cool. So anyway, check this out. This home is coming to the market tomorrow. Number two, Legacy and we are not going to give you anymore. By the way, if you want to see this property upcoming, you can see it at Go St. George dot com. Legacy.
Jesse: I have got one in Bloomington Hills coming up.
Jeremy: Incredible.
Jesse: Walk-out basement with two kitchens. Just awesome mother-in-law apartment.
Jeremy: Two kitchen. Oh. Guys, incredible properties. Check them all out at Go St. George dot com on our coming soon listings. They are not all there yet because we are working with a lot of clients. If you would like to win the Valentine’s, a date night for you and your Valentine, visit Facebook dot com slash St. George Experts, and post, you will see the post. Post a picture or photo of your loveliness together. And if you would like to get in on the Parade of Homes, we are going to give away at least ten tickets, five sets of tickets.
Jesse: Nice.
Jeremy: Get involved in the Parade of Homes survey that we asked today. Have you been? Are you going? And do you plan to buy or sell this year? To give us a sense for what people are doing at St. George Real Estate Videos dot com. Man, did we jam it in there?
Andy: You got it done.
Jesse: Good job, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Sponsored by Coke Vanilla Zero.
Andy: I know. Nice product placement.
Jeremy: Look it is a downgrade from Red Bull. I am trying to get off that stuff. I love the product placement. The problem is guess what they are giving me? Nothing.
Andy: St. George Real Estate Morning Drive with Jeremy Larkin. Jeremy, I loved the show. Thank you, man.
Jeremy: Thank you, man. Appreciate it. Cheers.