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How long will it take to sell my home? 40th St. George Arts Festival! (Real Estate Morning Drive)

How long will it take to sell my home? 🤷‍♂️And will I have to negotiate a whole bunch? 🏦 Jeremy Larkin and Jesse Poll take OPINION out of the equation and use real life data to answer these questions home sellers have! Also, the 40th annual St. George Arts Festival is upon us! Hope to see you on Town Square!


Below is the actual St. George Real Estate Morning Drive show, hosted by St. George Real Estate Agent Jeremy Larkin, word for word! Enjoy and please share if you find it valuable! 

Jeremy Larkin and The Larkin Group @ Keller Williams Realty can be reached by calling 435-767-9821, or emailing sales@gostgeorge.com.

Andy: What is up? It is time for the St. George Real Estate Morning Drive. Standing by is Jeremy Larkin with his sidekick. He would be the Robin to his Batman. It is Jesse.
Jeremy: Oh, I like that. I like that a lot.
Jesse: I heard a story about that once. Batman and Robin for one of my sales.
Jeremy: I like that. This is true. This is true.Jesse: It was fun. It was a great story.
Jeremy: The old press release.
Jesse: Bam, boom, bam.
Jeremy: Oh my gosh, you guys, good morning. Jeremy Larkin here. Host of the St. George Real Estate Morning Drive. So happy to have Andy in here with us this morning. Jesse Poll here. Robin. Batman.
Jesse: Good morning.
Jeremy: I do not know who we are, but we are what we are. Hey guys, my heavens, there is a lot going on. This is getting into like epic activity levels here in Washington County. We have the St. George Arts Festival. Does anyone know when the arts festival, I know, but does anyone else know when the St. George Arts Festival started? Does anyone want to venture a guess?
Andy: If they have been listening to my show this morning, they would know that.
Jeremy: Have you been talking about it?
Andy: Yes, we have.
Jeremy: I guess I was not listening. Of course, I was managing children this morning.
Andy: I was in high school when it started.
Jeremy: Really?
Andy: Yes.
Jeremy: 1980. Freshman year.
Jesse: Wow.
Jeremy: Yeah, 1980 they started with this thing. And the history, it originally started on Ancestor’s Square because that was like this little arts village, and Ancestor’s Square has become more of a restaurant zone at this point. But 1980, so we have been cranking it out for a long time. Almost 40 years. That is crazy.
Andy: What year were you born, Jeremy?
Jeremy: 1975.
Andy: So you were 5.
Jeremy: I was 5 years old, and I used to go downtown and I remember it was the old library, which the old library sits exactly where the town square tower is. This splash pad and the tower, that exact, that is what was removed to build town square.
Jesse: That is pretty cool.
Jeremy: And I just remember that so well.

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