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St. George Real Estate (Foreclosure) Halloween!


Below is the actual St. George Real Estate Morning Drive show, hosted by St. George Real Estate Agent Jeremy Larkin, word for word! Enjoy and please share if you find it valuable!

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Speaker 1: We are recording. Good morning guys. Hey, I hope you’re doing well. Hope everybody’s happy out there in the Facebook. Oh sphere. We are about to go live on 890. KDX actually 94.9 FM 890 am. I got six viewers, identify yourselves for crying out loud. Paul Stripe stop being in such voyeurs and tell us what the heck’s going on here. good morning, Paul. Good morning, Carrie. I see you’re on. I’ve done it all correct. I’m recording. I’m on Facebook live. We’re going to talk about good, bad and the ugly?
Speaker 2: In four minutes.
Speaker 1: Maybe about Four minutes. Here we go. When you tell the story, I wish we could get, good morning, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and germs. Isn’t that what they say? Boys and girls real estate fans from across the land. Jeremy Larkin here hosted the St. George real estate morning drive with my cohort. Jesse Paul.
Jessie: Good morning, everybody.
Speaker 1: And the illustrious Andrew Griffin, the Andy Griffith show.
Andrew Griffin: [inaudible] ask me to illustrate anything.
Speaker 1: Yes. Now here’s the dealio. I’m Jeremy Larkin host of course, st. George’s real estate morning drive. We have been playing with this technology for a long time, the last missing piece to, well, okay. There’s two last missing pieces. It would be to get the music into the live feet and there’s a way,
Jessie: There’s always away.
Speaker 1: And then the second would be getting the phone calls into… And I know it’s possible. We just haven’t gotten there yet. Okay. Yeah. In 1985 Doc and Marty, because I saw Marty lane this morning traveled back in time. I know we can figure this out, right? I know it’s possible, man. It’s 2020 incredible guys. We’re going to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of selling real estate because it’s not what they show you on HD. Well, the HDTV real estate is more like the bold and the beautiful, good grief. Not real good morning, Jessica. Good morning, everybody. Andy, it felt so like fall today that I threw a foil on a lawn. You might want that. This feels so good out there. It must be 85 though today. Right? So this weekend is the… You’re going to see a whole bunch of mountain bikes in town. The Utah high school mountain bike association is hosting the state championship races I’m taking Jesse out Saturday. I’m going to, Jesse is actually going to, he’s going to be a walk on.
Jessie: I’ve never truly written the mountain bike but-
Speaker 1: And I’m taking him out on a bike ride Saturday and we’re going to go to the races and the best part Andy has. He said, do you have a what’d you call it? What kind of seat do you have a grandpa seat? And I said, no, I don’t, dude. I’m just going to buy one just to have fun with it. So yeah, like with big giant Springs underneath it. Yeah. Let me tell you a story. So this is pretty funny today.
We’re going to share the good, bad and the ugly of like some of our highs and lows of selling real estate in Washington County. Today’s, 2020. Right? So 23, 22 years ago, I got one of my good friends who will go on named in a mountain biking. Now for those who are watching the program today who’ve ever gotten out and actually written the mountain bike. You find out that the old sit bones get a little tender for awhile.
Jessie: Why do you think I want to grandpa?
Speaker 1: Yeah. The issue is the issue of the grandpa’s seat is actually the opposite of what you need. The grandpa’s seat actually only helps once, but over time, it just chase the crap out of you. Oh yeah. Well, why do you think there’s not a single human who is actually a serious biker wearing on him, using your grandpa. See, have you ever done, ever done it?
Jessie: There you go. Because of the amount of shame that will be put on that first, when they’re seen in public
Speaker 1: About the time you add five pounds to your bike with a saddle, it’s not fun anymore. And by the way, five pounds is like adding a hundred. Okay? So we go out on this bike ride. His name is John. That’s all I’ll say he shows up. It’s like his third ride. It’s 1998. And he has to his bicycle seat, a piece of that like four inch foam that people take camping. It’s duct-taped around the saddle.
Speaker 5: I love it.
Jessie: I wonder if I can find that seat.
Speaker 1: He’s never lived it down ever.
Andrew Griffin: The rest of the story that wasn’t worth it, dude, was he happy with his choice?
Speaker 1: Probably that day. Hey, we have 15 people on this morning. I love it. And we got all of our listeners on eight 90 K TXU Jesse found that they think so look, the state high school, mountain bike championships. While Jesse pulls up, his grandpa’s seat is this weekend. I’m the head coach for Dixie high school. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s Friday and Saturday. And if you want to see the spectacle, it’s actually pretty cool. It’s at a desert canyons. It’s at a desert Canyon is out by the airport where all the homes are. You can’t miss it. because you get off the exit and it’ll just be a melee. So it’s to the North of that exit and it will be incredible. There’ll be thousands of people out there.
Andrew Griffin: And how long has the courses?
Speaker 1: Well, let me walk you through that.
Andrew Griffin: Okay.
Speaker 1: COVID. Let’s talk about COVID all. These guys just hate. They just want to kill people. When I said thousands have very strict mask policies. Now, if you think that’s absurd, then you’re in that camp. Yeah. Stay home. Or if you think it’s absurd that they should wear masks, but I’m letting those out there know, that the high school is they’re agro about it because here’s the way they see it. Hey, at least we got to have a season. Right?
Speaker 5: Right.
Speaker 1: Because anything that have a season, so pretty strong mask mandate out there. As a matter of fact, you can only come and go through Gates. They won’t let you in without a mask. And I’ve only seen one person really kick against the pricks on this thing, which was up in, I think it was in Cedar city. Boy, this guy threw a fit. Jesse, where’s your grandpa’s seat? And we’re going to talk about,
Jessie: Oh man it’s coming. I got it.
Speaker 1: Oh man, this is incredible. Okay.
Jessie: Hopefully-
Speaker 1: The show today is brought to you by couple of our friends, Guilt Mortgage Chantry Abbott, God, I love this guy Chantry was on with us last week,
Jessie: It was a really good show.
Speaker 1: The guy’s a genius. He’s a genius. Okay. We talked that we covered a lot of ground and we get a lot of perspective to people that they need to have about buying and selling real estate, this market. And thank you Chantry you can look him up Guild, mortgage, Ty and Pam. I shot my second home. vacay.com, Ty and Pam. They manage vacation rentals and the whole world wants a vacation rental. Somehow they want to be in the mix. I want you to talk my second home vacay.com. I always thought it was an odd website, but, but then you remember that my second home vacay.com.
Jessie: of course too, because how many people have second homes use them as vacation desks?
Speaker 1: Exactly. Right. Many numerous. And of course sunhome.com Would helps. My son would homes.com are now prime it up for our next phases. God, we’ve got stuff all over the place with someone else. So what they’re doing is they’ve tapped in and said, here’s what I’ve done. And they said, it’s really fun to build exciting, big luxury homes, but that’s actually not what the market needs. Right? So the real focus right now is identifying product that people can afford. My son would homes.com. Get on there, get on our list, just click on the contact form and say, I want to be on your list. Grandpa’s seat. Does anybody want to see this? Okay. Because we’re zooming.
I can share my screen. And then I’m going to talk about the day that I thought there was a dead body in the home, on Santa Clara Parkway. Okay. Well, I’m going to say, look, if that is not a Chinese ad soft padding premium quality and superior material, if you’re not watching us on Facebook live, you’re not seeing this thick foam padding. Yep. My buddy, John did the same thing, but it was called duct tape and a square of foam.
Jessie: And here’s the theory, the shape of that. It’s got wings. So it’s going to help me grind.
Speaker 1: Come on, man. This is an incredible moment. Folks. If you want to see this on Facebook, live facebook.com/Jeremy Larkin, facebook.com/Jeremy Larkin. You can join the fray. It’s the wild G oversize comfort bike seat, comfortable replacement bike saddle. Okay.
Jessie: Now we digress go back to your story.
Speaker 1: That reminds me of the China virus. All right. If you’re leaving the country, when Trump or Biden are elected, I want to remind you today. As we start, as we get into the real estate portion of her real estate show that we will help you move or leave the country. Well, we will be starting to see you leave, but I would love to earn a commission, selling your home, visit me. It’s sold in st. george.com sold in st. george.com. There’s a 100% chance that either Trump or Biden will be elected. So I repeat. If you need to leave the country, I’ve got you covered, sold in st. george.com. So
Andrew Griffin: You don’t think Kanye has a chance. This is what you’re saying.
Speaker 1: He’s probably a better replacement.
Andrew Griffin: It’d be on the ballot anyway, but yeah, you’re right. Yeah.
Speaker 1: Honestly, he may do better. I don’t know. We’ve had a couple of good candidates and it’s not popular in this state to even talk about some of them, by the way, but I’m going to say it anyway. Mitt Romney was actually one of the best candidates we ever had. I don’t care. The people in Utah decided to hate it. I don’t, by the way, I don’t love him. I said, he’d be a good candidate.
Andrew Griffin: He was.
Speaker 1: And the reason conservatives hate him is he’s quite moderate. Yeah. And you cannot survive. This is my little political ramp. You can’t survive in the modern world. Is it hardcore, conservative or liberal? It just does. Does that make sense, Andy? And maintain peace. It does. I hate that. As a politician.
Andrew Griffin: Right. Well, Joe Biden is the most moderate of all the candidates they had.
Speaker 1: Correct.
Andrew Griffin: Unfortunately right now looks like he’s being controlled by all those-
Speaker 1: Davis Puppet.
So by the way, guys, I didn’t say who I’m voting for anything else I’m simply saying, but in this world you have to be pretty moderate to survive because it’s so polar, Marianne Williamson is a client, but a candidate, most people never even knew about. She’s incredible. She’s an author. And she would have been outstanding 2016.
Jessie: Oh my gosh.
Speaker 1: All right. So here’s the deal, whatever it doesn’t matter. And by the way, I’m a conservative person. So I want to make that disclaimer, it’s just that I realize you won’t win any election in this country. Look at Trump. He’s not conservative at all. That’s why a lot of the conservatives hate him. Right. But it’s how he got elected. So here’s the dealio in 2011, it was a cold December date. This is actually not a joke. It was a cold December day.
I got an email from Fannie Mae government sponsored entity. That’s what they call them a GSC. And the email said Asset number, and it would have been something like this,D3X514 remember those Jessie.
Jessie: Yap.
Speaker 1: What that would have meant is Fannie Mae sent me a property that was in foreclosure. Then I needed to go inspect to find out. Was there someone living in it? Was there someone squatting in it? Is it empty? Is it damaged? I needed to put a notice on the window that that was called the know your options flyer, and then know your options is your options. And here’s what it says, dear Andrew, it’s not quite that nice. This home has been foreclosed. This is the nutshell on it. It’s Homes man for closed. And here’s your options. Right? One of our representatives who’s listed below on my name and everything would be on the bottom with Keller Williams Realty, Jeremy Larkin, he’s represented.
He’s going to chat with you about your options, but you’re going to have some options and we won’t throw you out tomorrow. It’s not possible for us to throw you out tomorrow. There’s eviction laws in place and we’re going to work through it. And we’re going to offer you some money in a week. Okay? So I get to the house. It’s Santa Clara Parkway, right? And I’m like, man, this looks pretty bad. It’s like a 1600 square foot, all brick, 1985. I just remember getting, and I show up and by the way, this was like Christmas going to these houses. Now, before lest you think I’m saying that because I wanted people to be foreclosed. That’s not what I said. And people were just being foreclosed by the thousands. Right? It’s just, it was like Christmas. because you didn’t know what you’re going to find when you showed up.
So our job is to go work with them and the reason we were good at it and truthfully I was good at it is I was able to go and speak with just about anybody, including all the Spanish speakers and be compassionate because I’m a local guy. Wasn’t something like him. She went and hired and say, look, man, let’s help you figure out what to do now. Right? So I get there. There’s clearly no one there. And it’s real cryptic looking. So I go in the back, the man door, which is your side door to your garage. And I go in the garage and guys, I kid you not.
It’s like three feet, like almost waist, deep of stuff in the garage. And the strangest thing is there were like 500 Halloween wigs. I’m like, why are there all these Halloween wigs here? I don’t understand in packages from spirit, Halloween really weird. I think somebody robbed the place. So I opened the door from the garage into the kitchen and all I see across the entire kitchen floor. And guys, when I say I stopped, when you’re walking at night and you get a chill down the back because you think someone’s behind you. I stopped. And the chill went down my body and all I saw was black dried blood across the entire kitchen floor. I’m going to let the power of the pause sink in on that one for a minute
Andrew Griffin: Bloody floor. Okay.
Speaker 1: I’m freaking out, man.
Andrew Griffin: I don’t blame you and wigs and blood that’ll do it.
Speaker 1: I like, I’m going everything about this doesn’t seem good. What I mean? I’m like this seems bad. And I think of me frozen in stepping. Right. And I look around, I look around and I back out, that’s what it is. I instantly ran back out of the house. So like physically ran, like ran out the back door. I’m breathing hard and bring the heart. I walk around the house. I walk around and I’m out. I might have called somebody, I might have called the office and said, Tamra, I don’t know what the crap is going on down here. But there’s dry blood all over the floor. I think I called her. She’s like really doing, send someone out. And I said, I don’t know and so I stammered and paced around and I finally went back in and what I discovered in this house is that the freezer had meat in it.
And they had walked out. When I walked in guys, there was mattresses was sheets and stuff on them, on the floor. Like they’d gotten out of bed that day and just ran out of the house to avoid authorities or something. It was that kind of house. Clearly. It’s what had happened. Actually. There’s no question. It’s what happened. And the meat in the freezer had defrosted and just bled all over the floor. The good, the bad and the ugly guys selling real estate is not super glamorous. Okay. I’ve been screamed at, in those deals. I’ve been yelled at. I’ve been threatened. Go ahead. Any,
Andrew Griffin: [inaudible 00:15:01]How did it smell
Speaker 1: It was horrible. I walked in, there was still there’s another time right here off the diagonal. There’s one little block. If you go down black flag diagonal, there’s a block. That’s probably like 400 West. All of you St. George people. And I want to have Jesse tell us it’s good, bad. And the ugly. This is the ugly. I’ll tell you two more. So, and this is fun. I’m Jeremy Larkin hosted the St. George real estate morning drive. People just want to hear something fun for once, right? There’s one little block. That’s like a shape of a pizza. It’s a pie. And all that’s on the block is like four homes because that’s all that because you don’t have diagonal keeps going up and then the blocks are cutting against it. If you saw it, you mean it’s a little pizza pie block.
And all of a sudden it was a duplex and three other homes. That’s all the fit on the little pizza type. I go up there to the duplex and I kind of peered in the windows and it’s completely vacant. Fannie Mae, same thing, foreclosure assignment. But when I say period, I just it’s a glance. When I opened the door, the entire room is literally moving like the rooms moving. And before I can open the door to think of this in a second, like one second, I cracked the door open by the time three seconds. And the door swung open all of the tens of thousands of roaches, the whole Chromebook. I kill this movie and I go,
Oh my gosh. And where did they disappear to? Was so weird. They just disappeared under the Bay. It was like a laminate floor. And they’d gone into the baseboards. I don’t know. They squeezed through and in drawers and stuff.
Jessie: Yeah.
Speaker 1: And so we had to tent the whole entire thing, like the circus tent. Oh yeah. And then the last one was there. I could tell hundreds of these hundreds. I can tell 30 or 40 of these because I went down to, Oh my gosh, Sun land drive. So I’m down on Sun land drive four 44 South Southern drive. One of those town homes called hilarious that I can not remember, but I’ve sold so many of those. And we walked in one day and it was my kids. So my boys are now 14 and 15, my youngest, they used to go to these houses with me a decade ago. And the funny part was they reflect five and six.
And what would they say, dad? We should buy this house to every piece of junk council because they were just kids. And we walked in one of those and there, people just walked out. Like I said, and a dog had been in there a little tiny dog and it had just pooped everywhere. I mean everywhere. And honestly you had to leave if kids were going to vomit. Yeah.
Jessie: The villages.
Speaker 1: The villages. Thank you.
What’d you tell me a positive story. This is fun. I hope some people are entertained. If anyone’s watching a Facebook live. Tell me, please. If anyone’s Getting entertained. There’s Some weird stuff out there, poop roaches in blood. How can you not?
Jessie: I don’t have anything like that. I just have either personal devastation or fun.
Speaker 1: Tell me about the silly woman that we talked about before we started.
Jessie: So my very first home it’s 2012. I just got my license. I’m so excited. And I had this client that had a severely handicapped child. And so there’s five or six of us going through this house and she’s trying to help him. We’re getting ready to go out. And I got through and I lock all the doors and somehow one of them was behind me opening doors. And this was important. And so I left there got done.
Speaker 1: Hey the city formerly known Portland.
Jessie: Right. And my wife and I would go to seaside every Monday, every two weeks, I get almost a seaside and I get a phone call at this.
I rate the agent because the door was locked.
Speaker 1: Yeah. The agent of the seller.
Jessie: Oh my gosh. I thought for sure they were going to call the police on me. I didn’t know what was going to happen.
Speaker 1: They were that angry I could never, that ain’t about a door being left. Open.
Jessie: Yep. On a bacon home. My but I was just devastated couldn’t.
Speaker 1: His heart is so soft that he left the door.
Jessie: I was going to turn around and go back but-
Speaker 1: Wait for a vacant house door open.
Jessie: Yeah. It’s not a realized. I mean, it’s not like st. George. It’s not like you can leave something open and it’s going to be safe for 24 hours.
Speaker 1: Until about May 15th. It was really safe up there. Keep going.
Jessie: Maybe I’m going to keep it on all jabs. I can out there maybe anyways. So it was just the worst feeling in real estate I’ve ever had because I just screwed up.
Speaker 1: Oh man.
Jessie: The finest was my second showing. It was this young couple, two little boys, just the cutest thing ever. We go into this house and the mom and dad, there’s this huge bed. And they’ve got stairs up to them before we could even catch him this little two-year-olds pop up, pop up on the bed and he’s just jumping.
Speaker 1: Oh yeah.
Jessie: Oh, it was great.
Speaker 1: He’s moved in.
Jessie: He’s moved in. Oh, it was so fun. But now we’re trying to make the bed.
Speaker 1: Oh yeah.
Jessie: No.
Speaker 1: Hey, listen. You ever had a showing.
Andrew Griffin: I have.
Speaker 1: Where you walked in and the owner was asleep in a bed.
Andrew Griffin: Oh no.
Speaker 1: Oh yeah. Schedule a showing cleared with the agent. By the way, I didn’t mean it in the bed doing something. They should you walk in and you’re all, and there’s a person asleep in the bed. I got to get out of here.
Jessie: I actually showed two weeks ago. We, same thing. We made the restaurant reservation. We made a reservation. So we show up and clarity. They were there. It was rented. But all we’re going through the house and all that. All these people just keep coming out of the bedrooms. Five or six of them is getting out of bed. Oh.
Speaker 1: Yeah. Almost like-
Jessie: [crosstalk] was a bunch of single guys. So it was like, yeah, man,
Speaker 1: I’m telling you that is awkward. And that’s like four or five times.
Jessie: I said, there’s your cue? Why this isn’t solved? Well, yeah, we, we got out of there quick.
Speaker 1: The sellers I don’t know. Look, I can show the house Wednesdays from one to 2:00 AM and I have tenants renting all the rooms. Is there a proposal problem?
Jessie: No.
Speaker 1: Yeah, there you go.
Andrew Griffin: I got one. We went to look at it,
Jessie: About 150,000 dollars.
Andrew Griffin: We went to look at a house over kind of behind Paul Mitchell over there to the copper river road. And we made an appointment, went in sort of with the realtor to go see the house. And a lady was… As we got there, the owner was walking us. Like, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be here. And as she’s getting into her car, she says, Oh, I’m not sure where my son is. And we were like, okay.
So we go in and walk through the house and see it. They really big, they cleaned it up. Nice. It was presented well, got to the master bathroom. And it was locked. We opened the door in the nothing, the light was off. It looked like. And so we were like, all right, maybe, maybe there’s someone in there. Maybe not. So we kind of jiggled the handle, nothing. So he starts to get one of those little the master bathroom. They use a little paperclip to get it open. And just as he’s starting to open it, this boy who was about a 19, 20 year old boy pulls the door open. And first of all, he had just done his business there. And it’s so it’s sounding like something had died.
Speaker 1: Oh, you mean like the houseboat bathroom last weekend for me anyway.
Andrew Griffin: And he’s wearing a Speedo and he’s on his way to they have an indoor pool in this house. He’s on his way to go in the pool in his Speedo. And of course he didn’t know who he was,
Speaker 1: The levels of awkwardness at this moment. Oh honestly, it’s like a Ben Stiller movie, just playing out all over the place. I’m currently uncomfortable listening to you. Tell that story.
Andrew Griffin: Kevin Wilkinson was our real-
Speaker 1: bless his heart. He was a good dude.
Andrew Griffin: He was of course, mortified too as well. The whole thing was very awkward and we of course did not. Okay.
Speaker 1: Yeah. I think it was tainted. If you get sick after eating some sort of food, right? Carl Paulson asked if this is a Halloween show, why yes. Yes it is.
Andrew Griffin: We should have brought one of your wigs.
Speaker 1: Andy, what have we got for time pile? I love my wigs.
Andrew Griffin: You were about to about a minute and a half left.
Speaker 1: The first time I ever sold in real estate, I’m going to wrap up with this in 2005, I got my real estate license. I have no idea what it was doing, which is telling, because people, by the way, your new agents don’t have any idea. What they’re doing. That was 1300 sales ago. My dad, we went out in the market was so crazy that we bought a house in green Springs. It was on the golf, beautiful home with no, it wasn’t like a distressed sale or anything.
I got a commission helping him buy the house in August. We turned around and put it on the market the next week. And we sold the house. I got two commissions and I think he made like 20 grand. Wow. And I thought as all agents.
Andrew Griffin: That is pretty easy,
Speaker 1: Easiest business ever, I came to find out is the hardest, easy business ever new world. The attrition rate is insane. Guys, look as we’d have to show up today, Jesse, thanks for you. It was Halloween show guys. If you didn’t watch this, watch the replay. I assure your entertainment. I even made a few political jabs selling real estate is fun. Selling real estate is ugly. It’s good. It’s bad. It’s ugly. It can be really rewarding if you need our help. And we hope you’ll reach for our help right now, especially in a market where it’s tough to find a home where you’re like my overpricing, my home. Can I overprice my home, but are prices ever going to fall? We want to talk to you. Visit us@soldinsaintgeorge.com sold in St. George’s dot com and enjoy winter on next Monday, right over now guys.