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We sell 10x more homes than the average real estate agent…..

…and because Jeremy and The Larkin Group sell 10x more St. George real estate than the average agent, they  can spend 10x the marketing dollars that attract hundreds of buyers month after month.  This creates demand and helps their homes, on average, sell in less than half the time and for 4% more money! (That’s an extra $10,000 on a $250k home…yowzers!)

To get homes sold that quickly, and for that much more money than the average, requires intense local knowledge, a big marketing budget, and a serious understanding of the subtle elements that cause one home to stand out and sell quickly, while others languish on the market indefinitely.

From the use of a technique called “Listing Story Boards”,  to our unique “Certified Pre-Owned Home” program and our one of a kind Buyer “Showing Feedback Engine”, the system is simply DIFFERENT, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE. To see how Jeremy Larkin and his team create custom marketing plans to sell a TON of St. George real estate…….and continue to just plain GET THE JOB DONE, fill out the form to the right or call Jeremy right away – 435-602-4685.

Larkin Group Seller Success System

If you would like more information or to see if you qualify for one of our guaranteed sold programs please fill out the form below or call us for immediate access 435-602-4685