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Glenn Beck's talking about them... so are Carl Lamar of KONY Country and Mike McGary of KDXU... should you?

Want list and SELL your home with the ONLY Real Estate Team being talked about by the biggest, most TRUSTED media personalities in Southern Utah? Just pick up the phone or contact us via email to start chatting! We're happy to schedule a TOTALLY confidential consultation to discuss your personal situation, with absolutely NO obligation to work with us after. We'll simply arm you with the absolute best information available so you can make an informed decision on Selling your property.

Phone: 435-602-4685                                                             Email: larkingroup@gostgeorge.com

Listen below to what these personalities have to say about the Larkin Group and their Home Selling Systems.


Kony 99.9

99.9 KONY Country           Carl Lamar on the Larkin Group's Home Selling System  

 News Talk 890

890 KDXU News Radio           Mike McGary on the Larkin Group's Home Selling System


Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Endorsement