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How Do I Sell My Home Furnished?

Hello people. Jeremy Larkin here. Good morning real estate fans, boys and girls. You see my buddy, my man Jesse Paul [Phonetic]. He’s actually an inside sales agent for the Larkin Group and I’ve got him doing more than inside sales today. He’s moving a client.

We’re standing in front of 875 Rio Virgin Drive, Unit 261. We just sold this for Leslie, incredible person. Thank you so much for letting us help you with the sale and we did it in like 60 days start and finish. But here’s what we’re really talking about as you see us moving furniture. We’re talking about the question, “What do I do with my personal property when I sell my home?” Specifically how do I convey that to a buyer?

One of the big confusions that people have is they think they can write a real estate contract with the buyer, buyer and seller, and then say, “Purchase price to be $150,000. We will close on June 22nd,” and oh, by the way, it includes this long list of personal property. The issue is per Utah real estate law and I can’t speak to anybody else’s real estate law in the other states.

Per Utah real estate law, you have to convey personal property outside of fixtures which I will define via what is called a “bill of sale” and that is why a real estate professional and a good title company are so critically important.

Fixtures would be your sink, your oven, your dishwasher, things that are affixed to the home. But personal property would be couches, TVs. Today we’re moving a couch. We’re moving a bed. No, we don’t do this for all of our clients. She moved to Northern Utah and this is not normal.

But you need to make sure you work with a good real estate professional and a really good title agency to work on conveying that stuff via a bill of sale or you will run into an issue when you try to transfer title up at the title company. So anyway, that’s just one of those little tips and tricks about what you do with personal property if you’re trying to sell it to the buyer.

I mean the other option of course is just give it to them on the side as a gift. But if you’re selling it to them as part of the contract, it needs to be done correctly. All right? If you have any other real estate questions, reach out to us 24/7. You can visit right here at www.StGeorgeRealEstateVideos.com or of course email us. Our phone number is at the bottom. I’m Jeremy Larkin. Until next time saying, we know this town.

How Do I Sell My Home Furnished?