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If you landed here you may be going through the same frustration that hundreds of other homeowners in your situation felt. They listed their home, either with another Agent or as a “FSBO” (For Sale By Owner) with high hopes. The market looked strong, they knew their home was the best on the block, and they felt confident in the price they were asking. Then 3,6, even 12 months passed without so much as a single offer. Or lowball offers. Or maybe no showings at all!

There are only 3 reasons a home doesn’t sell in today’s market, but dozens of factors within those 3 main categories. They are:

  • Marketing (The story of why someone should pay top dollar for your home was not compelling enough, nor broadcast to enough motivated Buyers.)
  • Condition (The staging, physical condition, location, or a combination of all 3, turned off motivated Buyers.)
  • Pricing (The asking price was either too high, or “bracketed” in a way that strong Buyers chose another property over yours.)

It’s possible, and not abnormal, that all 3 of the above issues are present.


We specialize in selling homes that other agents failed to sell.

 Using the 3 broad categories above, we will analyze your listing against not only currently active and recently sold comparable properties, but also against data we’ve gleaned selling over 1200 Washington County properties totaling over $250,000,000 in value. From there we will provide a step-by-step strategy to get your listing revitalized and your property sold at the highest price, and shortest time frame possible. The audit is FREE, regardless of whether you choose to hire us for the job.

IMPORTANT FINE PRINT: If your property is currently listed with another Broker, this is NOT a solicitation of that listing! This is a ZERO-OBLIGATION, free analysis of your property listing to help you determine next best steps to get it sold.

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