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This information we’re gathering here will be used in our blog at www.GoStGeorge.com and other marketing resources. This information can be incredibly helpful in us not only finding a Buyer, but having a Buyer find YOU as it gives the Buyer the perspective you had that caused you to purchase the home.

Remember that we are hoping to cut and paste your answers, so in interview fashion, try and repeat the question in your answer. Here’s an example!

Help US help YOU find a Buyer!

  • Start your answer with: "The things I love about my town are..."
  • Start your answer with, "Our neighborhood is great for... (porch parties, watching stars, walking/running, golfing... etc)"
  • Start your answer with something like "Grocery stores are plentiful, or I always pop by ______ market, or the gym/dry cleaners... (wherever you frequently visit)"
  • Start your answer with something like "when we found or first saw the property, we were struck by ___________,", or "what really drew us in was…."
  • Start your answer with something like, "We love to _________ which is located_______."
  • Start your answer with something like, "A few other things we should mention are"……or… "Our utilities bills are super low because of ___________ (or provide rates)."