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Buy A Home

Buying a home is easier than ever!

But let’s be INSANELY honest with each other before you start your search….

Here are some eternal truths about the real estate business:

1. 97% of all homes are LISTED with a Real Estate Agent on the “MLS” – Multiple Listing Service
2. All Agents have access to the EXACT SAME MLS data / lists of homes.
3. So as a Buyer, you can logically deduce that you’ll be competing with 100% of local home Buyers who are fighting to be first in line to gain access to MLS data that represents 97% of all homes for sale…..that happen to be listed by a bunch of agents who all share access to the same info……sounds less than exciting doesn’t it? I got tired just typing it!

So what to do?…

Seek representation, (which is FREE to you) from a group of Real Estate Professionals who can provide you with MORE than just a list of homes that everyone in the world with an Internet connection has access to in their underwear at 3 AM. The Larkin Group will provide you with:

– INSANE amounts of local, on the ground “real-world” market knowledge. Delivering pizzas and papers to many St. George neighborhoods before most Agents could find the area on a map, there literally isn’t a SINGLE neighborhood that Jeremy and his Ninja team of Real Estate Experts don’t have intimate knowledge of!
– Reputation. You can’t BUY this. The Larkin Group’s reputation amongst other local Real Estate Professionals & Industry Vendors literally “greases the skids” for our clients in any type of negotiation situation.
– The Larkin Group’s “Buyer’s Advantage” Program. In addition to perks like a 1-year Home Warranty and Pre move-in Professional Carpet Cleaning, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind provided by our “Love It Or Leave It” Home Buying Policy…and you won’t find it anywhere else!

Take a minute to tell us about what you’re looking for…

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